4 Helpful Tips to Buy the Right Water Purifier

When it comes to water purifiers, the rule of one-size-fits all doesn’t apply. With 17 different kinds of water conditions present in India, a common type of water purifier can’t serve the purpose of removing different contaminants. The type of purifier you need depends on the quality of water that you receive. Therefore, you need to do a thorough analysis of water quality, TDS level, type of contaminants and different other aspects before installing a water purifier.  The blog discusses some essential tips to help you select the right water purifier. Read on.

Check the Water Quality

Before choosing a water purifier, you need to get a clear idea about the quality of water that you receive. Get the water tested in order to know the type of contaminants, pH level and the other types of impurities present in the water that you receive. Modern water purifiers use different filtration methods such as reverse osmosis, UV and UF filtration techniques to remove the impurities and make the water suitable for drinking. Reverse osmosis plays a crucial role in removing impurities such as heavy metals, asbestos, lead and other toxic heavy metals present in water.

Compare the Options

A large number of water treatment solutions are available ranging from whole-house systems to filters that treat specific areas such as kitchen faucet. When buying a water purifier ensure that you compare the various options and the ones that will meet your specific needs. If the water that you receive has a lot of micro-organisms, you need to opt for a UV water purifier. The ultraviolet rays help in deactivating the contaminants that cause water-borne diseases.

Consider the Budget

Budget is another important consideration that you need to remember when looking for a water purifier. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, you can go for a gravity based water purifiers. However, ensure that you don’t compromise on the health of your family members by opting for an affordable alternative. Though RO or UV water purifiers may be expensive, you will be protected from the life-threatening waterborne diseases.

Research about the Water Purifier Brand

When buying a water purifier, ensure that you research about the water purifier brand and the quality of after-sales services. Ensure that the manufacturer provides warranty on the various parts of the water purifier and provide prompt after-sales services. Check the certifications of the water purifier that you plan to buy to ensure that the purifier has been tested under strict quality standards.

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Last Few Words

When buying a water purifier, ensure that you get an accurate, updated and detailed information about the options available in the market. Ensure that you buy the water purifier from the renowned brands such as KENT who are well known for providing top quality products that use innovative technology to provide 100% safe and pure water.

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