5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water During Winters

Winter is here. There is a dip in temperature, soon we will get ourselves snuggled up indoors having a hot cup of tea with a heater warming up the place. Sounds truly comfortable and cozy. Yet, in this cozy environment, there is one thing that the majority of us missed out and that is water. As temperatures drop in winters, we frequently go for something warm, similar to tea, coffee, hot chocolate or hot soup. A glass of water is not something which we look out for during the frosty winter days.

We all know the fact that drinking more water in summer is very essential. But did you know that drinking water during winters is equally important. Though you may not be losing water by sweating like in the summer season, there are various factors that bring down the water level of your body. Here we tell you 5 reasons to drink water during winters:


1. Keeps you hydrated

As temperatures drop, we spend more time surrounded by different warmth sources like heaters or air conditioners. We also wrap our body with layers of warm clothes. Thus the artificial environment we create cause dehydration in our body. No matter what is the temperature outside dehydration can cause many problems in winters such as muscle fatigue, dizziness, cramps and exhaustion and this can make you more vulnerable to winter colds and flu. Thus drinking water is very important to keeps you hydrated. It not only helps in combating the dehydration but it also helps in regulating the proper functioning of the body to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Moisturizes your skin


The winds during the winters are dry. These dry winds tend to extract the moisture of your skin which results in dry skin and chapped lips. Rather than make you look ugly it is also painful. To maintain the loss of water and prevent the dryness of skin drinking water is necessary. It helps in hydrating skin and makes your skin look more vibrant and gives you a fresh and healthy look.

3. Aid in digestion

Doesn’t matter what the season is we all consume same amount of food. In order to make our digestive system work in a proper manner we should consume sufficient amount of water throughout. But intake of less amount of water during winters can lead to indigestion. Drinking plenty of water helps our body to digest food easily during the winters.

4. Maintain weight loss



During winters many of us gains extra weight as the physical activities are quite less and we often tend to give up working out. When we are hydrated, our hungers are significantly more controlled. However, when we aren’t drinking enough water, we don’t have the vitality required to separate fat. Hence, we regularly mix up hunger for craving, driving us to eat more than required. Drinking water helps us to prevent overeating and maintains a constant weight.

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5. Internal body function

Water comprises about 70% of the bodies. Most of the internal function of the body are done by water. It helps in maintaining the body temperature, chemical and metabolic reaction, and transportation of nutrient to different part of the body. If we didn’t drink adequate amount of water these function of the body will be affected.

Since drinking water is very essential during winters but the purity of the water should not be avoided. Winter also brings many health issue with it so in order to protect us the harmful ailmant during winters. We must have a water purification system in our home to ensure the continuous supply of pure water. Some of the top water purifier available in the market are:

  1. Kent
  2. Aquaguard
  3. PureIt

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