Comparing Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers

With the growing population, the demand of water is increasing and thus the quality of water is continuously decreasing. The availability of drinking water is as important as the purity of water. In India supply of water mostly have lost of impurities.

If you are getting water form public water supply or municipality where the TDS level of water is low than gravity based water purifier is the best option to go with.

A gravity based water purification is very simple. It usually works on gravity process. It basically means water is filtered from higher concentration to lower concentration without any external force applied. The water will flow from the top section to bottom section naturally. For filtration they usually uses micro fibre mesh, and activated carbon filtering.

Apart from this some gravity water purifiers are using the UF technology. In this process UF membrane is used the pore size of UF membrane is 0.1 microns which can easily filters out bacteria, cyst, and other microorganisms. If you are going to purchase a gravity based non electric water purifier you must go for UF based water purifiers. Kent gravity water purifiers uses UF technology.


  • Lower cost
  • Remove turbidity, suspended particles
  •  Higher water storage capacity
  •  Easy to maintain
  •  Low maintenance cost
  •  Portable and easy to use


  • Suitable for only low TDS level water
  • Cannot filters heavy metals
  • Cannot remove chemical pollutants

Gravity based Non Electric Water Purifier Comparison

Considering the factors like product specifications, brand reputation and after sale services below mentioned is the non electric water purifier comparison of the most selling gravity water purifiers of Kent, Pureit and Tata Swach.

Product KENT GoldKent Gold non electric water purifier Pureit AdvancedPureit Advanced - Gravity water purifier Tata Swach SmartTata Swach Smart - Gravity Based Water Purifier





Table top


Table Top


Table Top


Purification capacity

20 L/hr             –       –

Storage Tank Capacity

20 L 14 L 15 L


White and Blue Blue and White Sapphire Blue

Life Of cartridge

4000 Litres 1500 Litres 1500 Litres


3.56 Kg 2.8Kg             –

Dimensions (mm)

326 X 355 x 600 520 x 280 x 320 240 x 320 x 310


1 Year 6 Months 6 Months
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This was all about the gravity water purifier. Hope this would help you to select the best non electric water purifier for you. Since every product needs maintenance you should always check the maintenance cost and after sale service of water purifier before purchasing.

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