Bottled Water vs Purified Water: Which One To Prefer?

Water is everywhere still only 1% of earth total water is fresh water that we all consume. We are constantly contaminating that 1% of water making it hazardous to drink. This is where we have finally come to the point, where it has become impossible to get fresh and pure water. To fulfill the demand of pure drinking water, people today uses either bottled water or purified water. But here the question comes what kind of water is safe to drink bottled water or purified water.

Bottled Water

Packaged Mineral bottled water
Packaged Mineral bottled water

In the past years, there has been a lot of controversy about bottled water. Many people drink bottled water instead of RO purified water because of the smart marketing techniques by manufacturer saying that it is safe to consume. Actually, most of the bottled water is just the tap water. Besides, many reports have also been mentioned about the harmful substances that are found in bottled water. This is where you drink contaminated water and become ill. However, there are some reputed and good brands of  Mineral water bottle that offer safe drinking water.

Talking about the bottled water, you would find that the source of water is not even mentioned by the seller so you cannot blindly trust the quality of the water. When talking about the mineral content in the drinking water that makes the drinking water healthy. These minerals are additionally added to the water in more than required amount. For our body, the traces of these minerals are needed in a very small amount. Though there are some good brands that give pure mineral water but the material used for packaging is of plastic, which can be very dangerous for the human being. Many toxic chemicals get leached into the water from the plastic bottles and can have drastic health effects.

Purified water

RO Purified water
RO Purified water

When talking about purified water, you can have it in your home by just introducing a decent water purification system in your home. You can only have pure water which is safe from every contaminant by selecting the right water purifier. The quality of water varies from place to place hence you can have suitable water purification system in your home depending upon the water quality.

To maintain the proper amount of minerals in drinking water you can have RO water purifiers that come with TDS controller. The biggest advantage of TDS controller in water purifier is that the minerals are not additionally added to the water, they are retained in the drinking water. Whereas in bottled water the minerals are additionally added to the drinking water. But it is very important that you buy the best water purifier for your home that is highly efficient to purify the supplied water otherwise it can be a health threat to your family.

Which is Healthiest: Bottled water or Purified water

Purified water is better than bottled water but the water purification process used should be advanced and certified. Selection of right mineral water bottle can be very tough as we are not aware of all the purification process that is used to purify that water. Having a water purifier in your home will helpful for you as we will be familiar with the source of the water and the purification used in a water purifier. Regular buying the packaged drinking water can be very heavy on your pocket. But buying a water purifier will cost you a bit higher, but it will be lower than the annual cost of buying bottled water. Since bottled water is of plastic it can be very harmful to the environment as well.

So, why, pay so much money for bottled water, when we can simply make the drinking water pure and healthy by having the best water purifier for our home.

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