Is RO Water Safe to Drink? Find the Truth behind RO Water Purification

The RO water purifier has become the most important appliance for home allowing many people to drink clean, pure, and healthy water. In India, RO water purification is most popular water purification technology as it removes all toxic chemicals, salts, and heavy metals from drinking water. Even though RO water purifiers are used to filter out germs from water but sill many people are found asking Is RO water Safe to drink? The question seems too controversial yet very easy to be explained. The answer can be explained by knowing how RO purification works?

During RO purification, water is being forced through a semi-permeable membrane at high pressure, the semipermeable membrane traps all the impurities such as chemicals, toxins and leaves only pure drinking water on the other side.

Is RO water safe to Drink?

Undoubtedly RO purification can remove all the bad contaminants from the drinking water but, it also removes the good with the bad. There are some minerals in drinking water which are beneficial for good health. Since these minerals being slightly bigger in size they get trapped in the RO membrane and could not pass into the drinking water. RO Purification is considered to be unsafe because of the absence of the minerals that gets washed away during the reverse osmosis process.

The water purified by RO water purification is not good for consumption as it does not have mineral in it which is required by our body. However, traces of these minerals are essential for us. The excess of these minerals can also be harmful as we also get minerals from the food we eat.

When talking about the RO purification process, yes it is not safe to drink the water that directly comes by applying RO water purification. There must be some other technology need to be applied in order to maintain those lost minerals in drinking water.

The best RO water purifier always uses the combination of other purification technology with reverse osmosis processes like UV and UF to give pure drinking water. You cannot deny the truth that minerals during RO process are removed but TDS controllers are used in many RO water purifier to maintain the minerals.

What is TDS Controller?

TDS controller is a device that is used in the RO water purifier to adjust the TDS level of the water. In RO water purifier, water coming to the RO membrane is divided into two parts one is passed through the RO membrane the other water is passed through the UF membrane and then TDS controller. UF membrane is similar to RO membrane but its pore size is a little bit big than RO this membrane also allows minerals to pass through it. Then the TDS controller adjusts the required amount of those essential minerals and thus we get purified water which also contains required an amount of minerals.

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Only reverse osmosis process to purify the drinking water is not safe to drink but RO process with TDS controller is the best solution to get pure and healthy water with essential minerals in it. Kent RO water purifier uses the purification of RO+UV+UF with TDS controller to give safe and healthy water. To ensure that the water you drink is pure and healthy you must use a water purifier which uses the combined technology of RO+UV+UF+TDS controller. So if you using a water purifier with the purification of RO+UV+UF+TDS technology then you are drinking water which is safe and good for health.

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