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Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier- Is it Worth the Expenditure? Find Out Here

Water, an essential element for a living, is something that you compromise with in order to stay healthy. With the increasing amount of pollution, the quality of water is deteriorating every day. It is almost impossible to use the tap water that you receive for any purpose. As a result, installing a water purifier has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Considering the increasing amount of pollution and demand for water purifiers, almost all the renowned brands have come up with water purifiers with a new feature. One of the products that are receiving some good reviews is Bluestar Majesto water purifier. If you are planning to buy this water purifier, the detailed Bluestar water purifier review will provide you with an insight into all the factors that you need to consider. Read on.

Salient Features of Bluestar Majesto Water Purifier

Here are some of the salient features of Bluestar Majesto water purifier that make it different.

Double Protection of RO+UV

One of the essential features that people check when buying a water purifier is the purification technology. Bluestar Majesto water purifier uses double protection of RO and UV to ensure that you drink clean and safe water that is free of contaminants. The RO membrane removes heavy metals, dissolved impurities, and radioactive matter, whereas the UV light deactivates microorganisms.

6 Stage Purification Process

Bluestar water purifier uses a detailed 6 stage purification process to remove different types of impurities in water. The purification process consists of pre-sediment, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, carbon filter, and aqua taste booster. These stages remove different types of impurities in water and also improve the taste.

Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon

The water that we receive at home is not only full of contaminants but also has a bad odor at times. Boiling water is not enough to remove the foul smell. Bluestar Majesto water purifier has a copper impregnated activated carbon that removes the foul smell, volatile organic compounds from water to make it fit for consumption.

Aqua Taste Booster

The water that you receive after the complete purification process may not taste good. This is the reason why the water purifier comes with an aqua taste booster (ATB). The calcite media used in ATB enhances the taste of water and also maintains the right pH level in the water.

Child Lock

The water purifier also comes with a child lock button for safety purpose. The button ensures that there is no unnecessary wastage of water when the purifier is not in use.

Specifications of Bluestar Majesto Water Purifier

  • Purification technology- RO+UV
  • Net Weight- 10.5 KG
  • Storage Capacity- 8 Liters
  • Installation-Wall Mounted/Table Top
  • Filter Cartridges- Pre-Filter (optional), Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, RO Membrane, UV Lamp, Post-Carbon Filter
  • Purification Stages- 6

Pros of Bluestar Majesto Water Purifier

  • 6 stage purification process
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • High Storage Capacity
  • High Purification Capacity

Cons of Bluestar Majesto Water Purifier

  • Absence of UF Membrane
  • Depends on electricity
  • Water dripping problem

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The Verdict

Bluestar Majesto Water Purifier has a lot of advanced features, which makes it ideal for domestic use. The different purification stages remove impurities from water to make it safe for consumption. However, there have been some complaints about water dripping from the machine which is a drawback if you want to buy the appliance. In addition to Bluestar water purifiers, it is advisable to check out some other trusted brands in India such as KENT or Eureka Forbes before making the final decision. Comparing the water purifiers will provide you a clear idea about the advantages of all the products and help you choose the right product.

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