Here’s How your Drinking Water Affects your Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in maintaining your body’s metabolism. A dysfunctional thyroid gland can have adverse effect on all your body functions. If you feel sluggish, noticed any weight fluctuation, poor concentration, puffiness in your face, you probably need to get a thyroid function test. All the cells in your body that are metabolically active need the thyroid hormone to function smoothly. People suffering from thyroid problem not only need to keep a check on their diet and exercise regime but also on the kind of water they drink. Whether you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, or autoimmune thyroid disorder, the type of water that you drink has an impact on your thyroid health. Drinking purified water is a necessity as the presence of fluoride or chlorine in water may block the iodine receptors in the thyroid gland and aggravate the problem. In this blog, we will dive into the details of how drinking water benefits thyroid and the impact that different types of water have on your thyroid function. The thyroid home remedies may improve the functioning of the gland.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water for Thyroid

Fluid Balance

Maintaining fluid balance is an effective home remedy for thyroid dysfunction. Water helps in maintaining the fluid balance in your body. Water improves digestion, helps in the formation of saliva, transport nutrients and also helps in regulating the body temperature.


Water helps in removing toxins from your body with the help of liver, kidneys, intestines and skin. Without drinking enough and right type of water, your body finds it difficult to detoxify your body. However, some of common sources of water add a toxins and chemicals to the thyroid which hampers its functioning.

Bowel Function

Constipation is a common problem associated with thyroid dysfunction. Without proper hydration, your body will take fluid from your stool to maintain hydration and lead to constipation. If your body doesn’t eliminate waste, you will face toxicity issues.

Improves skin and hair

Thyroid dysfunction often makes hair and skin dry. Drinking enough water can help to a great extent to keep your hair and skin hydrated.
Considering the importance of keeping hydrated, it is necessary to drink water from the right source. We discuss the different types of water and benefits on thyroid.

Water to Avoid

Tap Water

Everyone knows that drinking tap water without purification can lead to a number of health problems. Tap water contains chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, and lead which can have an impact on your thyroid health. As a result, it is necessary to avoid drinking tap water without proper purification at any cost.

Well Water

There are many places in India where people still use well water for different purposes. However, drinking well water can have an impact on your thyroid health. The reason is well water gets easily contaminated with bacterial, parasites, and harmful chemicals which can have a negative impact on your thyroid functioning.

Alkaline Water

The water purifiers that provide alkaline water use platinum and titanium plates, which cause a lot of harm to your liver and kidneys. Alkaline water also contains poor quality of calcium and other minerals which cause imbalance in the body when they mix with poor quality of calcium and other minerals.

Water to Drink

Reverse Osmosis Water

Water that has been purified using RO technology is considered good for your thyroid health. RO water filters remove the harmful chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine from water, which otherwise have a negative impact on thyroid health. Many people opt for bottled drinking water as it is affordable and easy to get. However, bottled water may also contain harmful chemicals as you don’t know the source of water and effect your thyroid health. RO water purifiers ensure that you are drinking pure and safe water that too within your budget.

Spring Water

Considered as one of the best type of water, spring water helps in keeping your body hydrated. Spring water is low in bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxic metals and chemicals which harm your body. Spring water also contains traces of essential minerals needed by the body.

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Drinking water Tips as a Home Remedies to Control Thyroid

Apart from the water benefits, here are some effective tips that you can follow to control thyroid naturally.

  • Drink warm or room temperature water. Avoid adding ice or any kind of beverage as it may lead to cramping, interfere with the digestion and have an impact on your thyroid health.
  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. However, ensure that you eat your breakfast only after 35-40 minutes of drinking water
  • Add some lemon to the water that you drink. Lemon adds a good flavor to water and also improves detoxification. The best time to drink lemon water is empty stomach in the morning

Last Few Words

Drinking pure water If you have thyroid dysfunction, it is necessary to pay special attention to the water that you drink along with your diet. Though spring water is the best for thyroid health, it might be difficult for you to get spring water. You can always opt for top quality RO water purifiers that remove the harmful contaminants that make water unfit for drinking.

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  1. If you use mineral water for your health, it will be much beneficial to you, fortifies your body. Tap water has much impurities in it, so it is necessary to remove impurities by the filtration process. Drinking water is in many forms as tap water, spring water, distilled water, mineral water. So use much amount of filtered water as much as possible.

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