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Warm Water vs Cold Water – Which is Better for Health?

Staying hydrated has a lot of benefits in boosting both mental and physical health. So, it is always recommended that every man who is 19 and above should drink at least 3.7 liters of water per day and women should consume 2.7 liters. No doubt drinking water has uncountable benefits, but there are few questions that everyone asks. Does the temperature of the water you are drinking really matters? Which is beneficial for health – Cold or warm water? Read the blog to check the benefits of both and decide what temperature water is the best to drink?

Is Cold Water A Healthy Drink?

Few people believe that consuming cold water is not good for health and it can actually harm in long-term. Drinking cold water can contract your stomach and make it harder to digest the food that you eat. Besides, it is also believed that if you drink cold water, your body has to work harder so that it can uphold the internal temperature of the body.

On the contrary, drinking cold water have different benefits as well. Consuming cold water during exercise can keep your body cool from overheating thereby making your workout session successful. Drinking cold water can even help your body maintain a lower core temperature. Besides, no matter what the temperature is, drinking plain water (purified using water purifier) has been proven to deliver your body more energy throughout the day.

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Why Drinking Warm Water is Beneficial?

Most of the people regard warm water as a holistic health remedy because of its unmatched benefits. Some of the benefits of drinking warm water are mentioned below:

Drinking warm water every morning can activate your digestive system and can increase blood flow to your intestine helping prevent constipation. It can also detoxify your body, keep your skin clear and even help maintain a healthy metabolism. Consuming a glass of water can give you instant relief from nasal congestion, give you relief from mild forms of pain and many others. There are a lot of benefits of consuming warm water and once you get into the habit of drinking warm water or room temperature water, you can find a dramatic improvement on your overall health.

Is warm water better than cold?

Both cold and warm water has its own significance. While some prefer drinking cold water to maintain a low core body temperature, some love consuming warm water/water at room temperature to ensure optimal health benefits. So, getting into the habit of drinking warm water can improve digestion, make you feel energized and more relaxed.

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