Fed up of Dull Skin? Water Therapy can Work Wonders for You

Skin dullness is a common problem that almost every woman face, irrespective of their age, is skin dullness. Getting flawless, blemish free skin has become almost impossible thanks to increasing amount of pollution, unhealthy eating habits that we follow. Whether you are excited, stressed or happy, your skin reflects it all making it all the more important to follow a regular skin care regime. Many of us are fed up of using the best brand of products without any notable difference. However, did you know that a simple drink can be the solution to all your dull skin problems? Drinking sufficient water can help you get flawless and glowing skin without burning a hole in your pocket. Read on to know how water therapy can help you in getting the glowing skin of your dreams.

Science behind Water Therapy

So, what exactly is water therapy? Water therapy is not a new concept and dates back to the time of Ayurveda. The term used in Ayurveda is ‘Ushapaan’, which means drinking water on an empty stomach right after you get up in the morning. During the modern times, water therapy has become quite famous in Japan. Many locals in Japan started the practice of drinking water early in the morning as a popular health trend.

Method of Practice of Water Therapy

How to Do Water Therapy
How to Do Water Therapy

Water therapy is a very easy and wonderful regime that you can follow to get the flawless and glowing skin. The therapy is known to provide relief from stress, and also helps you lose weight. The therapy will leave you energetic throughout the day and is also good for digestion.

How to do Water Therapy

Here are steps of following water therapy:

• As soon as you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink 1.5 litres (6-7 glasses) of purified water. You can drink warm or room temperature water depending on your preference. If you want, you can also squeeze lemon in the warm water.
• Brush your teeth but ensure that you avoid eating anything for 45-60 minutes. Eating even a small amount can nullify the effects of the therapy. After this time span, eat a healthy breakfast.
• Ensure that you don’t eat anything for 2 hours after each meal to get the best results.
• If you find it difficult to drink 1.5 litres water at one go, you can wait for a couple of minutes between drinking each glass of water.

Benefits of Water Therapy for Skin

Here are some of the benefits of practicing the therapy without any alteration.

Glowing and Flawless Skin

Water Therapy Benefits - Glowing Skin
Water Therapy Benefits

Water therapy can work wonders in helping your dull skin treatment. The tried and tested therapy will make your skin look fresh, glowing and young. However, ensure that you practice the therapy. Many people make the mistake of leaving the therapy after following it for a few days, which will not give you the expected results.

Detoxifies your System

Another benefit of water therapy is it helps in removing toxic waste from your system. Though human body consists of 70-80% of water, it is essential to drink sufficient water to keep your body healthy and fit. Water plays an important role in removing toxic material from your body. You face skin problems because of impure blood, which is also related to your metabolism. When your body is free of impurities, your blood gets a supply of fresh blood which helps you avoid skin problems.

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Points to Remember

• Make sure that you brush your teeth the night before you sleep
• Give special attention to the quality of water. Drink purified water which is free of chemicals and impurities
• Avoid gulping water all at once. Sit down in a peaceful place and sip water slowly
• Avoid alcohol or excessive caffeine
• Don’t stand up and drink water as it can lead to hemorrhoids

Last Few Words

When it comes to your skin, nothing can beat the benefits of drinking water. However, if you plan to start the therapy, ensure that you follow the procedure without any alterations to get the best results. The inexpensive method will give you glowing and flawless skin of your dreams.

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