Planning to Buy an AO Smith X7 Water Purifier? Here’s a Detailed Review

Clean and safe drinking water is not easily available, thanks to the increasing level of pollution.  With 80% of the water sources being polluted, it is important to ditch the age-old method of boiling water and switching to water purifiers.  However, the availability of a number of water purifiers in the market may make it difficult to choose the best purifier that will meet all your needs. One of the water purifiers that have become quite popular is AO Smith X7 water purifiers. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the features, specifications and the pros and cons of installing AO Smith X7 Water purifiers. Read on AO Smith X7 water purifier review in detail:

Salient Features of AO Smith X7 Water Purifier

Purification Technology

AO Smith Water purifiers X7 uses a 7 stage purification process of Pre-filter+ Sediment filter+ Pre-carbon filter+ RO Membrane+ Mineralizer Technology+ SCMT to remove impurities from water. The RO+SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) purification process removes any secondary microbial contamination present after RO purification process.

Mineralizer Technology

Another useful feature of the water purifier is the mineralizer technology. The water purifier uses a unique mineralizer technology to add essential minerals to retain the fresh and natural taste of water. The technology also helps in balancing the pH level in water.

Patented Side Stream RO Membrane

The heart of the RO water purifier by AO Smith is a side stream RO membrane. The patented RO Membrane uses latest technology to ensure that users get pure and healthy drinking water. The sideways flow of water ensures efficient use of the RO membrane, which reduces water wastage.

High Storage Capacity

Considering the frequency of power cuts that we face, it is necessary to opt for a water purifier with high storage capacity. AO Smith X7 water purifier has a high storage capacity of 9 litres to ensure that you get constant supply of healthy drinking water even in the absence of electricity.

Water Level Indicator

The water purifier comes with an advanced water level indicator for the convenience of the users. The water level indicators displays the amount of purified water available in the water purifier at a glance. The feature also prevents overflow and water wastage with the help of a beep.

Specifications of AO Smith Water Purifier

Purification Technology: RO+ Silver Charged Membrane Technology

7 Stage Purifying Technology: Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Pre Carbon filter + Side Stream RO + MIN-TECH + Silver Activated Post Carbon and SCMT filter

Dispensing Mode: Manual

Membrane Type: Thin film composite RO Membrane

Body Material: Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics

Input Voltage: 150-300 VAC, 50 Hz

Power Rating (Max): 48 Watts

TDS Reduction: ≥ 95% (approx.)

Input Water Temperature: 5°C to 45°C

% Recovery: 30%

Net Weight: 9.3 (approx.)

Flow Rate: Up to 15 litres per hour

Storage Tank Capacity: 9 litres (approx.)

Pros of AO Smith Water Purifier

  • Mineralizer Technology
  • Pre-Filter
  • SCM Technology
  • Suitable for water with low and high TDS level
  • High Storage Capacity

Cons of AO Smith Water Purifier

  • Price of the purifier is high compared to the features
  • The warranty of the water purifier is reduced if the hardness of water is high
  • The water purifier is bulky as compare to other water purifiers and takes a lot of counter space

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Other Options Available

Though the water purifier has a lot of advanced features, there have been some complaints about the size, warranty and customer service of the purifier. If you are looking for a better water purifier in the same range, opt for KENT Grand+. The water purifier from KENT has a high purification capacity of 20 liters per hour which is higher than AO Smith X7. KENT grand+ also comes with an all new Save Water Technology. The new technology uses a computer-controlled process to recover more than 50% water as compared to 30% in AO Smith X7. The best part is you can store the rejected water in a separate tank which can be used for various purposes such as mopping and washing.

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