Kent Grand Plus : Review

Kent Grand Plus is the India’s one of the highest selling water purifier. This water purifiers comes with best purification membranes. It has very elegant wall mounted design with unique water level indicator which gives a classy look to your kitchen.  With the  patented KENT’s Mineral ROTM technology, it provides double purification of RO + UV/UF which can even remove the dissolved impurities like chemicals and salts from the water and provides 100% pure and safe water.

This water purifier comes with TDS controller which retain the natural essential minerals of the water which are removed during the purification process in conventional RO purifiers. Here we are going to discuss about Kent Grand Plus review with their specification, features, pros, cons etc in detail.

Special Features of Kent Grand+

  • Double purification by RO+UV/UF with TDS Controller : This purifier can effectively purify water from any source like bore wells, overhead tanks, tap water, or municipality water. The combination of RO+UV+UF provides 100% pure and safe water which is ideal for consumption
  • Large storage tank of 8 litres : It comes with the storage capacity of 8 litres with a unique water level indicator. This feature ensures the continuous supply of purified water if there is a power cut
  • Fully automatic operation : Kent Grand plus is fully automatic, it comes with auto-on and auto-off features which can automatically detect when the water needs to be purified. It allows the water purifier to start purification when the water storage level is below maximum and stops when tank is completely filled
  • Filter change and UV fail Alarm : These alarms will notify you when the filter needs to be changed and UV lamp failure. After a preset time the alarms will be started and the purifier will stop working until the filter is changed. This feature will give you the assurance that no impure water is delivered to you
  • Nontoxic food safe ABS plastic body material : Its body is made of non-breakable, food grade ABS plastic, which is highly durable and does not allow any leakage in the purified water
  • NSF and WQA Certified : Kent Grand plus got the certification from WQA and NSF which are the most recognized certification given to water purifiers for their performance and quality

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Specification of Kent Grand plus :

Purification technology                RO+UV/UF+TDS Controller

Filtration capacity                         15L/hr

Storage Capacity                            8 Litres

Power Consumption                      60 Watt

Power requirement                        100 – 300 V~ AC / 50 Hz, 800mA

Installation type                              Wall mounted

Weight                                               9.4 Kg

Dimensions (mm)                           L 410 W 260 H 520

Warranty                                           1 Year

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Pros :

  • TDS Controller to retains the natural essential minerals
  • Storage Tank of 8 Litres
  • Spin-welded RO Membrane Housing That Prevents Tampering and improves RO membrane life.
  • Fully automatic with Auto ON-OFF
  • Computer controlled operations
  • Can purify water from all sources
  • UV fail and filter change alarms
  • Leak proof performance
  • Elegant wall mounted design

Cons :

It cannot operate without electricity

Online Customers Reviews about Kent Grand plus :

Kent Grand plus is the top rated product on many online stores. Most of the customers are very much satisfied with this product because of its performance and its stylish design. Overall rating for this product is 4.8.

Most of the Kent Grand Plus review are positive and people love this product because of its easy operation and efficient purification process.

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Conclusion :

Kent Grand plus is a nice product and adds value to your money. You want complete peace of mind about the water quality then Kent grand plus is the best option you can have. It also comes from the reputed brand Kent which is the leading company of water purifier in India. The double purification process with TDS controller makes this water purifier a great choice to go for.

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