RO Water purifier- A Need for Every Home

The health and safety of our family are one of the major responsibilities. In fact, we make sure that our family members are well protected from the various health issues. But when it comes to our drinking water we take it for granted. As to secure your family you should be aware of the fact that, many health risks can enter your home through your tap water. As indicated by research, contaminated water makes around 1.1 million people sick every year. Water is a universal solvent, it contains many, soils, dissolved salts, chemicals, microorganisms and other polluting influences

Since, water pollution is growing so rapidly that we have reached to point, where all sources of water including municipal water supply, rivers, lakes, well, and even glaciers are getting contaminated. Even the chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, which are used in municipal water supply for treating the water are toxic. These chemicals can also have severe health effects on our body.

Why We Need RO Water Purifier

A water purifier can help to purify the water by removing the impurities and making it safe for human consumption. But now the question arises, if a regular water purifier can purify the water then why do we need an RO water purifier?

Apart from the suspended particles, microorganism, there are many dangerous impurities present in the water in the form of dissolved salts especially, the heavy metals like Arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium etc. In fact, these impurities can have major health issues. The disease caused by bacteria and germs can be cured by antibiotics or medical treatment, but these impurities can cause lifelong health problems in your body. These impurities do not cause immediate sickness or discomfort, but it is proven that the regular consumption of such impurities can cause extreme health issues including cancer, liver damage, stunted growth and many serious ailments. Young children are more vulnerable to severe health effects due to drinking contaminated water.

Reverse osmosis process used in RO system water purifier

RO purification is the only process that removes the dissolved salts from the drinking water. This is the most advanced water purification system that gives 100% purified water, which can prevent us from water-borne diseases. RO purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane, which filtered out all the impurities of the water. The pore size of the membrane is small enough that even minute impurities, bacteria or viruses cannot pass through it.

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Advantages of RO Water Purifier

RO system has numerous benefits few of them are mentioned below:

  • RO water purifier allows you to drink pure and healthy water. The RO water purifiers are extremely worthwhile as it needs low maintenance. All you need is, changing the filter periodically once or twice in a year
  • Reverse osmosis process can effectively purify the hard water therefore, RO water purifiers are ideal for areas having hard water
  • RO Water is not only pure but also great in taste
  • RO water purifier can save your money over buying bottled water

Disadvantages of RO water Purifier

  • There are some natural minerals found in drinking water which are essential for our body in a small amount. The only disadvantage of RO water purifier is, during RO purification process these minerals are also removed from the water. But thanks to the technology we can retain these minerals in the water.
  • To overcome such issue, Kent RO water purifier introduces TDS controller in their RO water Purifiers which effectively retains those natural essential minerals of the water and gives 100% safe and healthier water.
  • Everyone needs water for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing and other routine activities. Drinking pure water is vital for every human being. Bring the best water purifier to your home and make your family protected from water-borne diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “RO Water purifier- A Need for Every Home

  1. as per written on this site ( i have to ask one question that the minerals which are removed with ro purifier process are completed with tds controller in the ro as per the data i have studied the tds controller is used to mix the quantity of raw water with the purified ro water to maintain the TDS of water. to add minerals the alkaline candle is necessary not a tds adjuster. please help me to clear my question

  2. Hi Avinash,

    There is a lot of difference between a TDS Controller used in an RO Water Purifier and Alkaline water filter. An alkaline water filter pitcher mainly maintains the pH scale of water. Drinking water with high pH can lead to a number of health problems. TDS Controller, on the other hand, is mainly used to retain the essential minerals in RO purified water.

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