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Top 5 Water Purifier Brands in India

Water purifier has become a necessity these days. The increasing rate of water borne diseases has necessitated every family to have a water purifier in home. If you want to drink pure and safe water you must install a water purifier in your home. Many brands have launched water purifiers as product category to meet the growing demand. Out of many brands available in the market, here we present the list of top 5 water purifiers brands in India:


Kent is a leading water purifier brand in India which set its foot in the Indian market in 1999 and has built up itself as a market leader today. Kent has earned the trust of millions of people providing them the quality water. It has received the highest number of certification from the renowned laboratories of the world. It is the one and only brand in India to receive the certification from NSF.

This company has gained the popularity in water purification industry as it is using the most advanced technology and innovative designs. Each of its product is a result of extensive research and represents the cutting edge technology.

Kent provides complete range of water purifiers in different categories such as wall mounted RO water purifiers, gravity based UF water purifiers, under the counter RO water purifiers, UV Purifiers and many more.

Best selling Kent Water Purifier models

There are several models of Kent Water Purifiers in RO, UV and UF Water Purification categories. Out of which, below mentioned is the list of best selling Kent water purifier models in RO+UV+UF+TDS category.

  • Kent Grand+
  • Kent Superb
  • Kent Pearl
  • Kent Supreme
  • Kent Gold

Website : https://www.kent.co.in/Products-Water-Purifiers-RO

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Aquaguard stands at 2nd position in this list. This company is a venture of Eureka Forbes. The company which was founded in 1982 and headquartered in Mumbai is one of the reliable companies for water purifiers. It is the oldest water purifier brand.

This company manufactures wide range of products which come with the features of RO and auto fill system.

Top Selling Aquaguard RO Water Purifier Models

These are the top Selling RO Water purifier of Aquaguard:

  • Aquagaurd Enhance
  • Aquaguard Magna
  • Aquaguard Reviva

Website : http://www.eurekaforbes.com/

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Next to this list is Pureit, a water purifier brand of Hindustan Unilever and one of the leading brands in India. The company is known for its wide range of products. Pureit Classic and Pureit Marvella are some of the most selling Pureit water purifier. The main reason of the popularity of this brand is, its cheap price.

Website : https://www.pureitwater.com/IN/


This is a popular brand in the list of top 5 water purifier brand. Tata Swach water purifier is from the house of Tata which is one of the oldest company in India. Tata Swach uses TSRF technology with nano-silver particles for purification of water. It manufactures various water purifiers. Tata Swach Smart, Tata Swach Nova Silver RO and Tata Swach Silver Boost are some of the top models of Tata Swach water purifiers.

Website : http://www.tataswach.com/


Last but not the least, Livpure is a water purifier brand launched by Luminous Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This company provides variety of products and uses technologies like RO, UV and UF to provide safe and clean water. Some of the models manufactured by Livpure are: Livpure Touch 2000 Plus, Livpure PEP and Livpure Envy Plus.

Website : http://www.livpure.in/

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