Top UV Water Purifiers to Choose From in India

Drinking safe water is a necessity considering the increasing amount of pollution. However, selecting among the number of options available in the market can be a tough task. The one-size-fits-all rule doesn’t work for water purifiers as the water quality in varies in different areas. Before making the final decision, it is important to test the water quality. In addition, it is also necessary to learn the difference among purification technologies to make the right decision. One of the water purification processes that have become quite popular in the recent years is UV purification. The blog discusses in detail UV water purification process and reviews of the top UV water purifiers in India. Read on.

What is UV Water Purification

UV water purifiers don’t use any chemicals to remove the contaminants present in water. These purifiers are ideal for purifying water which contain a lot of bacteria, molds and other disease causing microorganisms. The purifiers use ultra-violet rays remove the microorganisms. The ultra violet rays penetrate the microorganisms and is absorbed by the DNA of the pathogen. The DNA is modified in such a way that the microorganisms stop the reproduction of the organisms. The UV rays eliminate 99% of the germs present in water. If you are planning to get a water purifier, we are here to help you out.

Top 5 Best UV Water Purifiers for Home

We list the top UV water purifiers you can choose from to get the best out of your investment.

KENT Ultra UV Purifier

KENT Ultra
KENT Ultra UV Water Purifier


One of the top brands in the water purifier industry, KENT UV water purifiers top our list of UV purifiers. Certified by top laboratories in the world, KENT Ultra purifies water without changing the odor, smell or pH scale. The water purifier from KENT uses a three- stage purification process using a combination of Sediment, Activated carbon and UV disinfection technology. The best part is the water purifier can purify 1 liter water within 1 minute.

Features of KENT Ultra

• Elegant and Compact Design

• Purification Capacity of 60L/hr

• Wall-Mountable Design

• UV fail alarm

 • 11 Watt Powerful UV Lamp

• Carbon Block filter for added protection

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Pureit Marvella

Pureit Marvella UV water Purifier
Pureit Marvella UV water Purifier


The water purifier from Hindustan Unilever gets the 2nd spot on our list. The device uses a 4-stage purification process to provide you safe drinking water. Pureit Marvella comes with a GermKill Kit which alerts you 15 days in advance before it expires. Depending on your convenience, the purifier can be wall-mounted or table-mounted. The purifier comes with a 4 liter storage tank to provide purified water even in the absence of electricity. The machine uses 5 to 12 minutes to filter 4 liters of water.


• 4 Stage Purification Process

• GermKill Protection Kit

• Auto-Off Functionality

• Advanced Alert System

• Virus Removal

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflow
Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflow


Aquasure Aquaflo from Eureka Forbes gets the third position. The water purifier uses 3 stage filtration process to remove contaminants from water making it 100% safe for consumption. The dual cartridge helps in removing suspended particles, organic compounds and bad odor from the water.


• Smart Flow

• Purifies 2 liters of water in a minute

• Smart Indicators

• Voltage Stabilizer

• Long Lasting Durability


KENT Maxx UV Water Purifier
KENT Maxx UV Water Purifier


Another water purifier from KENT that is included in our list is KENT Maxx. The UV water purifier is one of its kind that comes with a detachable storage tank. The purifier uses double purification of UV and UF to filter out cysts, bacteria and viruses from water. The activated carbon pre-filters reduce bad odor and taste to make the water fit for drinking. The water purifier is ideal for purifying water with low TDS level. Computer controlled and fully automatic operation add to the advantages of the machine.


• Double purification of UV and UF

• Transparent and detachable storage tank

• Computer Controlled Operation

• LED Indicators for purification process display

• Fully Automatic Operation

Aquaguard Crystal Plus

Aquagaurd Crystal Plus
Aquagaurd Crystal Plus

If you are looking for a water purifier that is stylish and also purifies water efficiently, you need to go for Aquaguard Crystal Plus. The UV water purifier has a stunning design that goes well with the design of your kitchen. Aquaguard Crystal comes with an electronic monitoring system that monitors the functioning of the UV lamp. The backflush feature of the water purifier helps in removing stagnant water to keep the filter clean.


• Electronic Monitoring System

• Auto Shut Off Feature

• Backflush to clean filters

• Voltage Stabilizer

• High Flow Rate of Safe Water

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The Final Verdict

Those were the top UV water purifiers that are available in India. Each of the water purifier comes with different features, prices and advantages. However, if you are concerned about choosing the best UV water purifier from the list mentioned above, go for KENT. The UV water purifiers from KENT the water completely,  and are also cost-effective. The advanced operation and space saving designs add to the advantages of the water purifiers.

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