Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers

Gravity based water purifier as the name itself suggest they work on the principle of gravity which basically means water filtration will be done through normal gravity process. Water will be filtrated from higher point to lower point without applying any external forces. If you are living in an area where you get the water treatment facility and the TDS of your supplied water is low then gravity water purifiers are the best option to go for.

Mostly For filtration process, gravity based water purifiers generally use fibre mesh, activated carbon filters, and some sort of polisher which removes leftover chemicals. The fibre mesh is a kind of clothes which separates out physical impurities such as dust particles and dirt. However, activated carbon filters are used to remove any other dirt, parasites, and pesticides impurities.

Most of the reputed brand of water purifiers also uses Ultrafiltration process. In this filtration process, a UF membrane is used which is similar to RO membrane but with bigger pore size. However, the pore size of UF membrane (0.1 microns) is small enough that it can filter out almost the small microorganisms like bacteria and cyst. Therefore, this is the best purification technology used for gravity based water purifiers.

Hence, to shorten your costs of electricity bills you can choose gravity based non electric water purifier. The best advantage of gravity based water purifier is, it does not even require any electricity. In fact, they are better than boiled water.


  • Does not require electricity
  • Can easily remove germs and virus from water
  • Removes turbidity
  • Better than boiled water
  • Cheap price and easy to use and clean
  • Low maintenance


  • Does not remove dissolved chemical contaminants
  • Does not remove heavy metal contamination
  • Require regular cleaning

The only issue with gravity based water purifiers is,  it does not remove heavy metals and dissolved impurities. If the TDS level of your water is high then you must install an RO purifier in your home. RO purification can effectively remove the dissolved impurities and heavy metals also.

Alsoread: Kent Vs Pureit vs Tata Swach – Gravity Based Water Purifier Comparison

Top 5 Gravity Based Water Purifier in India

By analyzing the various factors like price durability maintenance, after sales service etc. we provide you the best gravity based water purifiers in India. Kent non electric water purifiers are the leading water purifiers in India as it uses the latest UF technology to purify the water which is by far the most advanced technology used for gravity based water purifiers.

Product Rating Storage Price (MRP) Buy Online
1. Kent Gold CoolKent Gold Cool - Non Electric Water Purifier  


20 L




2. Kent GoldKent Gold - Best Gravity water purifier in India  


20 L




3. Kent SmartKent Smart - Gravity Water Purifier  


7 L




4. Pureit ClassicPureit Classic - Gravity Based Water Purifier  


23 L




5. Tata Swach SmartTata Swach Smart - Gravity Water Purifier  


15 L




We have tried to provide the best possible details for gravity based water purifier hope the above-mentioned details helps you to choose the best gravity based water purifier. You can purchase from online stores as they also provide discounted price. Don’t forget to read the reviews and ratings to get the complete idea about the product.


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