Comparison between Kent Pearl, Pureit Ultima and Aquaguard Magna

Selecting a water purifier for your home is a challenge as it is directly related to the health and safety of your loved ones. People are now very much concerned about what they put into their bodies which include water as the primary consideration. Most of the people buy bottled water thinking that this is the purest water they can find. However, this is not always true.

Thanks to water purifiers now we can drink purified water and can protect ourselves from many harmful water-borne diseases. Unlike any other appliances, the selection of water purifier requires more attention as it involves the well-being of your family.

The market is flooded with many water purifiers. Each one is promising to provide the purest water but many of them fail to remove all the harmful contaminants. Another problem with many water purifiers is that while removing some of the harmful impurities present in water they also remove most of the minerals which are essential to our body.

Now, the question arises how we can choose the best water purifier for our family. The best way to choose the right water purifier for your family is, by doing a comparison of the most selling water purifiers available in the market.

By analysing the essential features of a water purifier like purification process, price, durability, technical specification, maintenance, after-sales service etc., here we present you the RO water Purifier comparison between Kent pearl, Pureit Ultima and Aquaguard Magna. This will help you to choose the purifier that is best for your loved ones and which does not compromise the health of your family.

Product Kent Pearl
kent pearl - Best RO water Purifier
Pureit  pureit ultima - RO UV Water Purifier Ultima Aquaguard Magna
Aquagaurd Magna - RO Water Purifier











₹ 19,500/-


₹ 22,990/-


₹ 18,490/-


Installation type


Wall Mounted/ Table Top


Wall Mounted


Wall mounted




RO+UV+UF+TDS Control






Storage Capacity


8 L


10 L


7 L








White and Black


Purification Capacity


15 L/hr




15 L/hr


Filter change alarm

check-mark-10-xxl cross-mark cross-mark

Auto Flushing System

check-mark-10-xxl cross-mark cross-mark



10.8 Kg


10 Kg




Dimensions (mm)

405 x 330 x 470 405 x 330 x 470 405 x 330 x 470

Storage tank Material


Non-toxic food grade ABS Plastic


Food grade plastic





1 Year


1 year


1 Year


Buy Online at







Kent Pearl RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

Kent Pearl is RO+UV/UF Water purifier that comes with a stunning white and transparent blue body design. It has 8-litre water storing capacity and a beautiful detachable transparent storage tank that can be easily removed and cleaned without any help of the technician. Kent pearl works on the patented technology of double purification of RO+UV/UF that provides purest drinking water. It’s TDS controller not only provide you with the required traces of minerals in drinking water but also allows you to adjust the amount of minerals according to your preferences. Thus, its double purification ensures the water is pure and free from every contaminant.

Kent pearl also uses the Save Water Technology that provides high recovery rate which means more water will be recovered as the purified water. Kent pearl can recover up to 50% of water as purified water. To avoid any wastage of water Kent Pearl now comes with a separate storage tank for storing the rejected water. So that the rejected water can be utilized for the different household purpose such as cleaning, car washing flushing toilets etc. rather than wasting and getting it drained out.  It also has an auto flush system which most of the water purifier doesn’t have. It automatically washes the surface of the RO membrane to remove the accumulation of impurities on it and helps in improving the life of the RO membrane.

Specification of Kent Pearl RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

  • Suitable for purifying every source of water
  • Double purification by RO+UV/UF with TDS controller
  • Auto flushing system
  • High recovery rate up to 50%
  • UV fail and filter change alarms
  • High Purification capacity 15 litre/hour
  • 8 litre water storage capacity
  • Auto-On and Auto-Off features
  • Inbuilt SMPS to manage voltage fluctuations
  • Push fit technology to avoid leakage
  • Spin welded RO membrane Housing to prevent RO membrane breakage
  • Top Quality certification such NSF, WQA, ISI

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Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

Pureit Ultima is also one of the top water purifiers in India with sleek design. It uses the RO process and UV process to purify the drinking water. It has digital dashboard that shows the quality of the input and output water. Its purification process also depends on its germkill kit which is installed in this water purifier. The germ kill kit of Pureit Ultima comes with the life for 4000 litres or 8000 litres. To make you alert about its replacement, Pureit Ultima comes with time based alarm that will notify you before 15 days of its expiry. Its RO purification will stops when the germkill kit expires.

Pureit Ultima has a large storage capacity of 10 litres. The purification capacity of Pureit Ultima is 9-12 litre/hour which can be an issue as it will take more time to purify the drinking water. Pureit Ultima has TDS modulator that adds minerals in the drinking water post purification. Though it purifies the water pretty well but this water purifier wastes lots of water during purification. As Pureit Ultima comes with very low water recovery rate which is only 24%. This means if the input water is 4 litre, only 1 litre water will be recovered as purified water and the rest will be rejected.

Specification of Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water purifier

  • Large storage capacity of 10 litres
  • 9-12 litre/hour purification capacity
  • Auto shut-on and auto shut-off features
  • LED indicator
  • Wall mounted installation
  • Purified water recovery rate typically 25%
  • Advanced alert system
  • Non-toxic food grade engineering plastic body

Aquaguard Magna RO+UV Water Purifier

Aquaguard Magna is an RO water purifier from Eureka Forbes that uses the purification of RO+UV to deliver purified water. It has a mineral cartridge and Biotron cartridge to retain the minerals (calcium and Magnesium) in drinking water. This water purifier has the smart alert system to notify you about the filter replacement.

However, the water storage capacity of Aquaguard Magna is low which is just 7 litres. The purification capacity of this water purifier is 12 litre/hour and purified water recovery rate is up to 25%. The overall design of this water is good and comes with wall mountable and table top design.

Specification of Aquaguard Magna RO+UV Water Purifier

  • Intelligent Alert Interface
  • LED display
  • 12 litre/hour purification capacity
  • 7 litre water storage capacity
  • Auto-on & auto-off functionality
  • Water recovery up to 25%
  • Wall mountable and table top design
  • Thin Film Composite RO membrane

Last Few Words

On evaluating important features of these three water purifiers we have come up with below conclusion:

  • Kent pearl is highest rated among three with rating of 4.9
  • Pureit Ultima is little higher in cost as it also have the same specifications like others
  • Aquaguard and Pureit comes with RO+UV whereas Kent pearl comes with RO+UV/UF+TDS control.
  • Kent pearl works on the save water technology that recovers up to 50% of water whereas the recovery rate of Aquaguard Magna and Pureit Ultima is typically 25%.
  • When talking about purification capacity Kent Pearl again beats both the water purifiers as it comes with high purification capacity of 15 litres/hour and others have 9-12 litre/hour.
  • The storage capacity of Pureit Ultima is higher than Kent Pearl and Aquaguard Magna.

Hope the above-mentioned details will help you to make the right decision by choosing the best suitable water purifier. You can visit some online stores like Flipkart and Amazon where you can read the reviews and rating about the products. This will helps you to choose the right water purifier as the reviews have been given by those customers who already used that product.

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