Kent RO – The Best Domestic Water Purifier Brand at UNESCO Water Digest Awards 2016-17

Kent newly launched Smart RO water purifier that is Kent Superb, is one the best RO water purifier in India. Recently, Kent RO has been adjudged as Best Domestic Water Purifier Brand for its Kent Superb Smart RO water purifier at UNESCO Water Digest Water Awards 2016-17 held on the World Water Day, 2017. Water Digest Water Awards (WDWA) in association with UNESCO is India’s one of the most renowned platforms that honor and appreciates outstanding and exceptional environmental initiatives and achievements.

Kent RO system has been the leader in the water purifier industry for its amazing water purification technology to deliver safe drinking water. Its smart RO water purifier is decked with many smart and hi-tech features that help in making the water purification easy and smart way.

Kent Superb – The best domestic RO water purifier in India

Kent Superb uses patented Mineral RO technology of double purification with RO+UV+UF to remove all the impurities from the drinking water such as germs, bacteria, harmful chemicals and even dissolved salts and heavy metals. The smart water purifier not only removes all the impurities but with the help of TDS controller, it retains the healthy minerals in the water as well.

Kent Superb smart RO+UV+UF water purifier is touch-operated with an inbuilt microcontroller that provides real-time monitoring of the quality of the water. With its digital touch screen panel, all application can be easily done with a simple touch.

Kent superb has all the features to dispense only pure and healthy water. Owing to its smart and hi-tech feature, this water purifier has become the first choice for many customers who has been looking for a smart water purifier with excellent water purification technologies.

Kent Superb - Awarded as best water purifier in India by UNESCO

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Smart features of Kent Superb RO water purifier

Kent Superb has a smart digital screen that can be easily operated with a single touch. The smart touch screen has 4 tabs of status, service, help, and settings. The status tab shows the water quality, RO flow rate, filter life, and time. Service tab is for the technician who does the servicing of the water purifier and updates it here. Help tab shows the feature of the RO water purifier and also has troubleshooting guide of the water purifier. You can adjust the brightness of the display, date and time by using setting tab.

For hassle free operations, this Smart RO water purifier has fully automatic functionality with auto-start and auto-off features, which automatically starts and stops purification when there is need to do so.

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To never let you forget to change the filters on time, the Kent Superb Smart RO water purifier has filter change alarm, which will notify you when the filter life is expired and there is a need to change them. It also has UV fail alarm that will promptly notify you if there is some error in the UV lamp.

Kent RO system ensures that the user never gets to drink the impure water, therefore, it has a functionality that stops the purification process if the filters are not replaced so that no impure water will be delivered to you.

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Other Specification of Kent Superb Smart RO Water Purifier

Kent Superb can store up to 9 liters of purified water. Since RO purification requires electricity to do the purification of water in the absence of electricity the storage capacity plays a vital role. Having such a large water storage capacity can be very beneficial in areas having power cut issues. Its storage tank has an illuminated water level indicator.

This water purifier looks great and its wall-mountable design allows you to save your expensive kitchen counter space and also gives your kitchen a stylish look.

To prevent the water purifier from any leakage it comes with leak proof push fit fittings also with O-rings inside the push fit fitting for additional protection against water leakage.

Since RO membrane is the most important part of the RO water purifier, Kent Superb also gives extra protection to RO membrane, as it comes with spin-welded RO membrane housing that prevents the RO membrane from breakage.

This water purifier makes no compromise in terms of giving you the purest water and smart features that do not require any manual intervention. All you need to do is plug into the socket and the rest will be done by the RO water purifier itself.

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Kent RO system is the best water purifier brand in India, and there is no doubt why many customers are loving the water purifier from Kent. This brand has become the synonym of water purifier and therefore for its outstanding performance and quality, therefore, Kent superb has been adjudged as Best Domestic Water Purifier at UNESCO Water Digest Water Awards.


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  1. Maintains essential minerals while reducing dissolved impurities with double purification making KENT the best RO water purifier

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