Earth Day: 20 Easy Ways to Save water and protect the Environment

Earth Day is an occasion commended each year on the 22nd of April to encourage many people around the world to save the planet earth. The aim to celebrate this day is to create awareness among people about the environmental protection. But here the question emerges that why we need to celebrate the Earth Day? This is because we all seem to forget about what a wonderful blessing we have been given as the planet Earth. We also forget that this planet is our home and we have to keep it protected in order to stay safe and healthy.

Today, there are many people who don’t even know about the actual effects of environment and are continuously damaging the natural resources.  Some people are even concerned about the protection of the Earth, but they don’t know the right way to protect the environment.

Earth Day conveys thoughtfulness regarding an expansive number of issues that need to be considered. Some of the burning issues that people should take care are water pollution, air pollution, environmental change, preservation of natural resources, and depletion of the ozone layer. In addition to these, global warming, soil erosion, the nuclear issue, deforestation and many more issues also prevail, which need to be taken care of.


Save Water save Earth

Water is a most precious element of earth and it makes up around 70% of the Earth’s surface. Every human being, plants and animals need water to survive on this planet if there will be no water then there would be no life on earth. Everyone is aware of the importance of water but we take water for granted.  Many of us think the water is unlimited but, the reality is, only less than 1% of water is fresh water, which can be used for human consumption. This fresh water is in the process of becoming scarce.

In India, a warming atmosphere is drying away lakes and streams. Fast urbanization and water contamination are also badly affecting the quality and the quantity of the surface water and even the ground water. The country’s agriculture system still depends on rainfall and a bad monsoon can have every bad effect on nation’s economy.  Water conservation is the only way to save water and get the all the benefits of this source of life.


20 Easy Ways to Save Water

Here are 20 easy ways in which you can save water. Every method of saving water is very easy and simple to follow to get the benefits of the precious resource in a right way:

turn off the tap tightly after usage

1. Always turn off the tap tightly after usage so that no water can leak through it.

2. Collect rain water for utilizing it for different purpose such as watering plants.

3. When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run continuously. Fill one bowl with wash water and the other with rinse water

4. Wash fruits vegetables in a pan instead of running water

5. Collect the water you use to wash fruit and vegetables instead of draining it utilize that water for watering the plants in your house

6. Cook food in less water, this will also help you to retain more nutrient from the food.

7. Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth. Don’t let the water get wasted and draining down while you are brushing your teeth

Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth

8. While you are washing your clothes make sure you always wash full loads of laundry.

9. Use pool cover to prevent the water loss through evaporation that will also help to keep you pool clean

10. Immediately repair any leakage of water as it can waste thousand litres of water annually

11. Use an aerator on you water faucet to reduce waste of water

12.Keep a regular check on your washroom leaks

13. Stop using extra water for flushing toilets. Consider buying dual flush toilets as it has two flush options

14. Cut the water supply of those areas in your home that you will not be using.

15. Use only one drinking glass for drinking water whole day

16. Limit the time spent in watering the gardening. Make sure you are watering the plants only when it is needed.

17. Teach your kids about how to conserve water and also help them in it.

18. If you have a small lawn try watering your plants by hands instead of using the sprinklers and make sure that water is not draining out.

19. If you accidently drop ice cubes don’t throw away try to put them into the plants.

20. If you are using water purifier utilize the waste water coming from the water purifier for different cleaning purpose like mopping, car washing, or watering plants.


Water is the other name of life, therefore, you must utilize it wisely. When it comes to drinking water no compromises should be done with its purity, therefore, you must use a water purifier. We cannot deny the fact that during RO purification process lots of water is wasted. Therefore always go for the RO water purifier  that comes with high water recovery rate. Kent Supreme is an amazing RO water purifier with more than 50% pure water recovery rate, that comes dual storage tank for purified water and rejected water. So that you can utilize the rejected water.


This is our planet and to keep us healthy and protected it is our responsibility to protect Earth. So on this Earth Day, let’s pledge to take what small amount we can to do to help the planet.


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