Water Softener: A Solution To Hard Water Problems

Everyone has heard about hard water and soft water. Individuals spend a lot of money to convert their hard water to soft water using water purification device such as water softener. Though it is easy to convert hardness of water using the water softener, but before that, we should know what hard water is and how we can soften it. Pure water is soft water. It just turns out to be hard when it comes into contact with rock and other residues as it goes through the ground. Impurities from sewage, industrial waste, and running off of manures, pesticides can saturate the water supply and make the water hard.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is a water containing high mineral contents usually magnesium and calcium. Water grabs these minerals from the rocks and sediments as it travels through the ground. However, hard water is not terrible to drink and does not have any major health issue but it can prompt to inconvenient and expensive plumbing issues.

Effects of Hard Water?

Hardness and softness have nothing to do with the touch and feel of the water, but you can witness many effects of hard water in your day-to-day life. Some of these are mentioned below.

White spots on dishwashers and dishes

Do you find some chalky white spots on your dishwashers, sink, drinking glasses or utensils? If yes, then your water is hard. The minerals in water get mixed with the detergent you use for cleaning your dishes and sticks to it, thereby leaving stains on your utensils.

Dryness in skin and hair

The minerals in water react with the soaps and detergents keeping them from dissolving partially. These undissolved chemicals produce residue that can cause roughness in your skin and hair. Additionally, the absence of foam makes us utilize more amount of these items that cause more damage by obstructing skin pores and causing irritation.

Faded and Scratchy Fabrics

Soap and detergents are used to wash away dirty stains from your clothes. But what if detergent doesn’t get flushed off really and the soil gets developed on your garments? The result you would find is dull scratchy fabrics. Since soap does not dissolve completely with the hard water, your clothes may not get perfectly washed as you might want. Hence your garments will not last for long. When you have hard water, you may need to purchase detergent figured to soften the hard water for you. However, will need to utilize more clothing detergent to get your garments clean. It is even prompted that individuals with hard water utilize 4 times more detergent which can be very heavy on your budget.

Expensive Plumbing issues

Water Softener need

Hard water can disintegrate and clog your water pipes and faucet rapidly. The hard water forms a lime scale on everything that carries water to your home. All the main pipes and the appliances will be influenced by hard water. The pressure of the water flow will also be reduced. As a result, it may bring expensive plumbing works

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How to soften the hard water

A water softener is the best solution for removing the hardness of the water. All the water softeners are specific ion exchanger. Since the minerals that cause hardness of the water are the positively charged ions. The water softener is intended to remove those positively charged ions and soften the hard water.

Water softener consists of an ion exchange media which is known as resin or zeolite. Basically, the resin is a natural or synthetic material which is coated with positively charged sodium ions. As the minerals such as Magnesium and calcium breaks down into the positively charged ion an ion exchange environment is formed. The water flows through the unit and the zeolite or resin discharge its sodium ions which react with the water promptly and exchanges them to calcium and magnesium particles. Hence the water coming from the softener becomes soft which is safe for utilization.

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There are many water softeners available in the market that you can opt for. Kent Mini water softener is the best water softener as it receives the highest number of certification. This ensures that this water softener has been tested from the renowned laboratories of the world. So, in order to overcome the adverse effects of hard water, it becomes necessary that you should bring the best water softener for your home and soften the hard water.

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