Livpure Smart Touch Specification, Features and Reviews

Water contamination in India is one of the major issues and almost every source of water is contaminating with many harmful impurities. The type of impurities varies from place to place. Consuming contaminated water can lead to many serious ailments and can even have drastic effects in human body. Children and older people are more susceptible to face the harmful effects of drinking contaminated water. This makes it very important to use water purifiers in our home to make our drinking water healthy and pure.

By understanding the global need of pure drinking water, many companies have launched advanced water purifiers. Livpure is also one of the brands that launched its series of water purifiers and claim to offer top quality water purification with smart technology.

The blog provides a detailed information about smart features, technology, specification and Livpure Smart Touch reviews in detail.

Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier Specification, features, price and reviews

Livpure Smart Touch is an 8.5 litres RO water purifier that use the purification technology of RO+UV+UF to purify the drinking water. Let us explore some of its features:

Purification Technology

Livpure smart touch uses the purification process of RO+UV+UF to purify the drinking water. This water purifier uses 8 stage purification process to remove dissolved impurities and salts. On the front panel of this water purifier, there is an LCD screen that displays the Water level device status, and customer care number. Though an advanced option, the LCD screen is not of much use. As there also some smart water purifiers that have interactive smart touch screen display with hi-tech features under the same price range.

Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier Reviews
Livpure Smart Touch Specification and Features

Smart Features

Livpure Smart Touch can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth through which you can check the status of your filter. However, the range of the Bluetooth connection is not good which means your device should be close to the water purifier to use this functionality which is the biggest disadvantage of it. Also, it is only applicable to the Android device there is no IOS version. Considering the smart tech devices that we use, the feature is quite outdated as there are many advanced and updated versions are still in the market.

Storage Capacity

Livpure Smart Touch as a high storage capacity of 8.5 litres which is very helpful in the absence of electricity to meet the demand of pure drinking water. It also comes with a smart water dispensing option.

Body and Design

This water purifier has a nice wall mountable design that looks decent except the tiny unpleasant control panel on the front of the purifier with limited view. It does not look good with the design of the purifier. This water purifier has wall-mounted design which can spare extra counter space of your kitchen

Specification of Livpure Smart Touch RO water Purifier

  • 8 Stages purification process
  • Smart water dispensing options
  • 8.5 litres water storage capacity
  • Small LCD display panel
  • Purification capacity up to 15 litres/hour
  • Filter change indicator

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Customer Reviews on Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier

Livpure is a new water purifier in the market when compared with Kent & Eureka Forbes. This water purifier receives an average of 3.5 star ratings on different online stores. The design of the product is good. When talking about its smart features this water purifier doesn’t have any advanced features except the smartphone application. This feature is quite outdated now as there are so many advanced and updated features are also available in the market.

The purification process is good but the maintenance cost of the parts is quite high compared to the other water purifiers. Many individuals also face problems at the time of servicing of the water purifier. It’s smart water dispensing option is convenient to dispense or bottle every time you want with a single touch.


Livpure Smart Touch is an average water purifier with purification technology of RO+UV+UF. This water purifier has all the features which are already available in the market in the same price category. However, this water purifier doesn’t have any extraordinary smart features in it that distinguish it from any other water purifier apart from its mobile app connectivity. There is some hi-tech water purifier available that comes with really hi-tech features and advanced technologies. KENT Superb smart RO water purifier is one such water purifier that comes with smart features. The price of Livpure Smart touch is 21,999 you can get a discount on it by purchasing it online stores.

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Since water contamination is increasing day by day resulting in many hazardous health ailments. Therefore, to ensure that we stay protected from its hurtful impact it is highly imperative to make proper steps avoid drinking contaminated water. This can easily be done by using the best water purifier in your home. The price of the best water purifier may be a little bit higher. When it comes to the health of your loved ones no compromise should be done.

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