Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Water is equated with life because it is the most the important regulator of the body to function properly. Our lungs are 90% of water, the brain is 75%, and our blood is more than 80% of water. Water controls our body temperature and it flushes out waste from our body. It transports nutrients through our cells and also keeps the mucous membrane moist. It is the main source of energy transport for every cell in the body.

We should also realize that the purity of water is essential as well. The quality and purity of the water we drink are just as important as the quantity of water.

There are numerous benefits of drinking pure water. Here are some of them to remember:

Helps in avoiding diseases

health benefits of drinking water

Drinking pure water can easily avoid water borne diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhoea etc. Pure water decreases the toxic levels in our body. It also helps to stay hydrated for a long time. Pure water allows the blood circulation to cleanse the immune system.

Maintains proper digestion of food and absorbs nutrients

health benefits of drinking water

In order to get the nutritional value from our food and supplements, we must drink pure water. Drinking pure water plays an important part in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Since sugars and carbohydrates are absorbed more rapidly, even a slight degree of dehydration can cause us to get the caloric intake without the nutrition from the foods we eat. Lack of water in the digestive system can result in ulcers, indigestion.

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Keeps you young, gives you healthy and glowing skin

benefits of drinking water for skin

Drinking plenty of water moisturizes your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One important benefits of drinking water for skin is, it keeps you look young by ensuring your skin is constantly supple. Not drinking enough pure water makes your skin puffy and can even lead to bloating.

Maintains a healthy body weight

drinking water reduces weight

Water suppresses your appetite, so you don’t eat as much. Drinking plenty of water also prevents fluid retention, making you look slim and trim. The more pure water we drink, the more we allow our body to purify itself. Water is our body‘s only means of flushing out toxins and fats from our body. If those are not flushed out they get accumulated in our body causing weight gain and fatigue.

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Good for your Joints

Drinking water keeps the joints strong

Our joints require moisture in order to remain flexible and strong so that the movement of joints are smooth and pain-free. Infact, water is the thing that our body uses to grease up these joints and hydrate the flexible joint ligament. One of the important benefits of drinking pure water throughout the day is it keeps the joints strong and young.

Natural booster of metabolism


Pure water can increase your metabolism up to 30%. If you are sweating it out in the gym and still not getting the proper result, you can drink 8 glasses of pure water every day. Pure water acts as the natural booster of metabolism.

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Kind to Your Kidney


Since the kidneys are our bodies’ purifiers which help our body to flush out toxins and waste from the bloodstream. Because toxins can affect our whole body we need to help our kidneys to work properly. Without a balanced diet, the toxin can build up and affect the functioning of the kidney liver and neighbouring organs. The most common ailment affecting many people these days are stones in Kidney. Therefore, this situation can be avoided by drinking pure water.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, drinking pure water has unlimited advantages.

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