Top 3 Most Polluted Rivers in India

India is very religious country. Rivers in India are not just the water bodies; they have highly mythological importance. India is blessed with many rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Kaveri, Godavari and much more. For Indians, the Rivers are as special as the temples and taking a bath in them is considered as blessed and religious. People from all over the world come to India to see the religious significance of these rivers and are amazed. Despite such an esteemed status, Rivers are getting polluted due to open sewage drain, soil erosion, lack of adequate sewage treatment plant, by dumping plastic waste into the river etc.

Most Polluted Rivers In India

More than half of the rivers in India are highly polluted. The increasing pollution in rivers causes serious water-borne diseases and health issues.  Here are the top 3 most polluted rivers in India


Yamuna river pollution

The Yamuna is the most polluted river in India, and also ranks among the top 10 dirtiest rivers of the world. The Yamuna is constantly polluted by drains carrying industrial and domestic wastes. This river had once clear blue water, but now it has become the most polluted river in India. New Delhi is the major reason behind the worst condition of this river. The capital is producing 1900 million litres per day of sewage and dumps 58% of the in the Yamuna.

According to the health experts, the drinking water that most of the people are Delhi gets had been found to be polluted with sewage water which could be harmful to health. Almost 70% of the supplied water across New Delhi by the DJB (Delhi Jal Board) failed the purity test conducted by the Municipal Corporation.

The increasing contaminants in this river has caused many diseases, like Malaria, cholera, Tuberculosis, etc. The river is considered beyond the redemption from pollution because the pollution has reached a high level which is almost impossible to clean. The water is not only unsafe for consumption but it also makes no scope for sustaining aquatic life.

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Ganga river pollution

This river often referred as Holy Ganga. For millions of Hindus in India and around the world, the river Ganga is not only a river but a Goddess. However, when it comes to pollution, river Ganga is no longer holy. Varanasi which is one of the oldest towns of the world is responsible for 25% of contribution in polluting this holy river in UP. This river contains toxins, bacteria and other dangerous chemicals at such an alarming rate which is 3000 times over the limit suggested by WHO deems as “safe”.

The importance of this river Ganga cannot be underestimated as it effects the life of many who live around it. It is believed that its water can cleanse the sins of people. But now this holy river is being contaminated so badly with many harmful toxins coming from domestic and industrial waste.

Approx. 1 billion litres of raw untreated sewage are dumped in river Ganga on a daily basis which can cause many diseases. Even this amount is doubled in the last 20 years and experts predict 100% increase in the following 20 years.

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Sabarmati River

Sabarmati river pollution

This river is one of the largest rivers of Gujrat that flows through two major cities Ahmedabad and Gandhi Nagar. According to the report of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the Sabarmati River in Gujrat is the third most polluted river in India.

The highest volume of faecal coliform (F.Coli) bacteria is found in the river Sabarmati which is 2.8 million MPN (most probable number) in every 100 ml of the river. This river is highly polluted because of perennial waste discharges mainly from municipal drainage and industries which give rise to many health issues.

Rivers are referred as the source life for many people. But in this modern world with many modern advancements, people are also destroying this natural resource. Some rivers are even lying on the edge of extinction as the water pollution crossed all its limits. The main causes of river pollution in the dumping of human waste and industrial effluents in the rivers. The human and industrial waste are making the water useless for agricultural and human needs and drinking purpose. As it is impossible to clean these rivers, you need to have water purifiers in home to meet the demand of pure water.

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