What Is RO Purification

RO purification is the most advanced and widely used technology for purification of water. It works on the principle of Reverse Osmosis. This water purification technology uses a semi permeable membrane also known as RO membrane to remove the harmful impurities from water. The pore size of RO membrane is 0.0005 microns which are very small and only pure water can pass through it. RO water purification process is capable of removing any kind of impurities such as bacteria, virus, heavy metals and dissolved salts from the water.

RO purification Process


In the reverse osmosis process for purification, water is passed through the semi permeable membrane. A pressure is required to force the water to pass through the RO membrane and Booster pump is used to apply pressure. The amount of pressure totally depends on the concentration of the salts in water. The more salt concentration in the water the more pressure will be required to make sure that no contaminant pass through the RO membrane.

Two or three pre filters are also used prior to RO purification. These pre-filters are used to remove the physical impurities like sand dirt, clay, and other physical impurities. Carbon pre filters are also used to remove the chlorine from water. These impurities can affect the life of the RO membrane performance that is why pre filters are used to maintain the life of RO membrane.

There are minerals in water which are essential for our body but the consumption of this mineral in excess amount can be harmful to us. These minerals are removed from the water during RO water purification process. Many reputed Water Purifier brands In India uses TDS controller in RO purifiers to retain those natural minerals in water in a required amount.

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Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Purification of Water:

  • Removes even dissolved impurities like toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and dissolved salts.
  • Best solution for purifying hard water
  • With an RO water purifier, you will spare cash on costly bottled water

Disadvantages of RO purification of water:

  • Removes essential minerals but there are many brands using TDS control to retain those essential minerals
  • Requires electricity
  • Price are little higher than conventional water purifier but spending a little more money for the wellbeing of your family is a better choice

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Many water purifier companies use the combination RO (Reverse Osmosis) process and different purifying technology to give 100% pure water which can be used for any kind of water supply. The combination of RO+UV+UF is considered to be the best water purification process as it provides pure and safe water without worrying about the quality of the output water. Kent water purifiers are the most trusted water purifiers in India as they use the double purification of RO+UV+UV+TDS controller, which not only gives you 100% pure and safe water but also retains the natural essential minerals of the water.

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