A Brief Diet Diary to Help your Children Beat the Exam Stress

Exams are synonymous to stress, anxiety and pressure. The extreme pressure to excel in exams from peers, parents and school take a toll on their health. However, in the anxiety to help your children prepare for their exams, many parents tend to neglect their diet. What your children eat can make a lot of difference in the performance and preparations. Studies suggest that the diet that you give to your children can affect their stress levels, moods, and concentration. It has also been observed that many children start eating a lot of junk food and tonnes of coffee, which hampers their performance. Considering these factors, we provide you with a brief diet diary to help your children beat exam stress.

Make them Eat Right to Beat Stress

Balanced Diet

Ensuring a proper diet can play an important role in reducing exam stress among children during the exam season. Instead of eating three large meals, provide them frequent and small meals so that they get regular supply of energy. A proper diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, such as green pepper, amla, strawberries, broccoli and green leafy vegetables provide sufficient supply of vitamin C which is also a stress buster. If possible, minimize the intake of white flour, rice, sweetened beverages and sugar. Choose whole grains such as oats, barley, pulses, nuts and seeds for proper supply of Vitamin B and zinc.

Restrict Consumption Junk Food and Caffeine


Many students stop eating heathy and increase the intake of junk food during exams. High stress, exam anxiety and low immunity during the exams can lead to a number of infections. In addition, junk food also contains a lot of poor quality fat which may make them feel sluggish. Don’t let your children drink pots of coffee or energy drinks as it disturbs the sleep cycle and affects their performance.

Include Memory Boosting Foods

Dairy products

To ensure that your children have enough brain power to concentrate and understand what they are learning, it is essential to provide them memory boosting foods. Instead of popping memory pills, include memory boosting foods which contain antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, folic acid, Vitamin B1 and B12 to nourish their brain. Some of the food sources that provide proper nutrients during exams are:


Include egg yolks in breakfast especially during exams. The reason is egg yolks contain choline which forms acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which carries messages to and from the nerves. As a result, choline is very important for brain function.


Include a lot of milk, cheese, yoghurt in your children’s diet during exams. The reason is diary items contain calcium which not only forms bones but also an important part of electrical signal in the brain.


Nuts and seeds are packed with essential protein, fatty acids, vitamin E, iron and zinc which are important for proper brain functioning.

Keep them Properly Hydrated

Drinking water and brain

Though not a food, drinking water is of utmost importance to beat exam tension. Dehydration makes the mind and body restless and also makes it hard to concentrate in studies. Dehydration also leads to headaches, which is quite common during exam stress. Proper hydration keeps children mentally alert, helps in concentration and also prevents headaches. In addition to water, you can also include lassi, buttermilk, soups, and juices to keep children hydrated. The water that you provide to your children, however, needs to be free of contaminants to avoid waterborne diseases. Contaminated water may lead to a number of health problems among children which may hamper all your preparations. Install an RO water purifier from a renowned brand to avoid diseases and provide your children with clean drinking water.

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Plan Regular Breaks

Several hours of non-stop studying leave children exhausted and not helpful. To help your child maintain their focus and concentration, let them relax and enjoy 45 minutes of short break. You can also ask them to indulge in some exercises, yoga or games to refresh their mind. These activities will refresh their minds and increase their concentration.

Last Few Words

Exams are significant for your children’s future. However, too much of pressure and anxiety may take a toll on their preparations. Preparing and following the diet diary mentioned above can help students concentrate better and excel in their exams.

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