How Pure Is Your Boiling Water

Survival of every individual is completely dependent on water. It is the basis of our life. Every individual, plants and animals need water for their existence. But most of the people don’t realize the importance of water. As the result of rapid industrialization water is contaminated so badly that we cannot drink it without any purification process.

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Boiling water is known as the best way of making water free from contamination and fit for drinking. This method is quiet simple. Water is first heated till its reaches its boiling point. The appearance of bubbles indicate that it is cleaned. It is required to boil water for at least 20 minutes to ensure that the germs and bacteria have been killed. Most of the people think that the water is pure once it has been boiled but this may not be true.

Nowadays pollution is increasing so rapidly, only boiling doesn’t make the water safe for drinking. Boiling water can only kill the bacteria and viruses but it does nothing to the chemical contaminants or heavy metals present in water.
Boiled water needs time to cool before it can be utilized. During the cooling and pouring, there can be chances of recontamination if the container is not cleaned. Handling the boiled water can cause burn and serious injury especially when kids are around, because of its high temperature

Even though, boiling may purify the water by removing bacteria but still there are so many harmful micro-organism in water that cannot be killed by just boiling because the boiling points for these impurities are far higher than for boiling water.

In fact, boiling can even cause the impurities in water to become more concentrated like lead and chlorine because during the boiling process the volume of water is reduced which results in the more concentrated form of these harmful impurities.

Boiling can also be costly because it consumes fuel regularly. Physical suspended particles like dust, dirt, rust or mud cannot be removed by boiling. These impurities needs to be filtered out after boiling by different filtration processes.

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  • boiling water can be used to effectively kill germs and bacteria
  • Simple and easy method for purification
  • Biogas can be used for boiling


  • Cannot remove turbidity and chemicals
  • Water needs to be cooled down before consuming
  • Boiling water cannot remove heavy metal impurities
  • Time consuming process
  • Chances of serious injury while handling boiled water
  • Can be costly because of regular consumption of fuel
  • Water tastes becomes flat
  • Boiling water can concentrate toxic contaminants
  • There can be chances of recontamination while handling and pouring water in container

Say thanks to water purifiers, now we can drink pure and safe water at our home. Variety of water purifiers are available in market which can make water purification very effective and convenient. Depending upon the quality of water supplied to your home you can select the water purifier which suits you best. There are mainly three types of water purifier available: RO water purifier, UV water purifier and Gravity based water purifiers.

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