Harmful Impurities Found In Drinking Water

Water is our lifeline and without it, you cannot imagine what would happen to mankind. Water not only quench your thirst but, it also plays a vital role in building a healthy immune system, healthy metabolism and even helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Everyone knows the importance of drinking water but, due to the higher level of water pollution, it has become a challenge for mankind to get pure and clean water. Water is a universal solvent dissolves almost everything which comes in contact with it and this is the reason that increases the level of water pollution. Pollute water consist of a high level of impurities, which if drunk can cause serious waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, Typhoid, Cholera, Giardiasis and etc.

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Common Impurities Found In Drinking Water

Dirty and unsafe water mainly consists of different elements called Total Suspended Solids (TSS). These elements like dust, sand, clay, and rust remain suspended in water and cause it to become impure. Not only this, but water also gets impure due to the presence of micro-organisms and other pathogens. Read to know the harmful impurities that are found in water.



Microorganisms are the most deadly impurities found in water that makes water extremely unfit for drinking. Biological impurities like bacteria, protozoa, viruses, parasites, and other viruses are very harmful to humans as they can lead to many fatal diseases and disorders. These minute micro-organisms in water can cause diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, gastroenteritis and etc. The microorganisms can survive in different temperatures and cannot be easily removed from water unless you use high-end water purifier that is equipped with the latest filtration process like RO+UV+UF+ TDS controller.

Heavy metals


The most common impurities found in water is heavy metals and these are like lead, iron, cadmium, and arsenic etc. If such impure water is consumed regularly you can experience different diseases. Heavy metals once consumed is not excreted or removed from the body but keeps on accumulating in the body. They can bring extreme harm to the body and can cause serious problems including cancer, nerve damage, and stunted growth.

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Human Waste


We all are very much aware of the harm that we cause to nature and it is by our own careless behavior we are continuously harming and polluting the land, air, and water. People go for open defecation and even throw unused food and products, which is one of the ways that pollute the water. All these make the water impure, unsafe and even harmful for the human being.

Chemicals Impurities


The increasing rate of industrial development has led to augmentation in chemical waste. The harmful chemical waste like nitrate, mercury, fluorides etc. coming out from the industries are often dumped in the nearby surface water like river and lakes. The presence of these chemicals in water are extremely unfit for human consumption. They have a terrible impact on human health and can lead to many hazardous ailments and disorders like cancer.

How To Get Rid of The Harmful Impurities?

The water that is supplied to your home (after proper treatment) originates from rivers and lakes near where we live. Before reaching every home, it may pick up microorganisms and other pollutants thereby making it unsafe for consumption. So, how to make it safe for consumption? Before you drink the water supplied to your home, it must be filtered and that is possible with the help of water purifier. There are different water purifies available in the market,  ensure that you pick the one when latest filtration technology. Installing the high-end water purifier will have excellent filtration process. This will helps in removing the harmful particulates, deactivate the microorganisms thereby making the water completely fit for consumption. Pick the best water purifier for your home today!

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