How To Remind Yourselves To Drink Water

There are many cost effective and easy ways to remind yourself to drink more water, than tattooing it on your head or arm. The colour of your urine is a great indicator to tell you how much water your body needs to drink daily. The Chopra Center states that dehydration can trigger migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression and lack of mental clarity and focus. The best way to remind ourselves to drink water is to make it a habit. Giving the body a routine sets your day seamless and stress-free giving way to be more efficient with our everyday life. Awareness of oneself increases when you set a routine to your body and mind. It is the first step to living a positive life. If you have a routine already, then add the hydrating routine to it.

While we have compiled tips to remind yourself to drink more water, it is of utmost importance that one installs the best water purifier for home. There is no point in hydrating when the water treatment is not good enough.

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Tips to remind yourself to drink more water

Below mentioned are some of the tips that will help you to remind yourself to drink more water and keep your body hydrated.

Drink Water When You Feel Hungry

This can help your body lose weight. Drink water when you feel like snacking. Sometimes, we can even mistake thirst for hunger. If you are still hungry after ten minutes then get yourself a snack. According to USGS, people with more fatty tissue have less water than people with less fatty tissue. Giving more water to the body increases the metabolism which means that hydrating directly helps in burning the calories.

Just Eat It

While food contains water, some of them could be dehydrating. There are some foods that you can snack on. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water. Remember to drink more water in case you include dehydrating food in your diet. Popular website suggests watermelons, musk-melons, oranges, lime, grapes, cherries, strawberries, apples, pears, cucumber, lettuce, radishes, spinach, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, capsicum, tomatoes, star fruit, grapefruit, and baby carrots as the perfect hydrating fruits and vegetables.

Smart App

Today, nothing can remind us better than an alarming smart phone. A digital app, an alarm clock or simply setting reminders on your smart phones can get you on the job instantly. There are customisable apps available for free that can remind us to take our measure of water.
According to AppCrawlr, some of the best iOS apps to remind us to drink water are Planet Nanny, Daily water and MyNetDiary and some of the best android apps are Fabulous – Motivate Me, Water Drink Reminder and Hydro Coach.

how to drink more water

Create Mental Triggers

Place a water bottle somewhere near your restroom. Put a bottle of water in your car. Make sure you will never miss seeing it. Drink water when you get out of the restroom or when you start or finish your ride. It works. It prepares you mentally and physically for your next work in hand. Drinking water lowers blood pressure and calms your mind.

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Life gets better when you gamify it. Life Hacker suggests to give yourselves points when you drink a glass of water at the right time. Give yourself a bonus point when you drink regular for a week and then for a month. This way you will earn yourself a prize and get healthy.

Spice it up!

Add a slice of lemon or basil leaf or cumins or make it exotic with sappan wood to make water more tasty. In South India, Ayurvedic herbs are mixed in boiled water for various ailments.

Make It A Statement

Make it fashionable. Buy yourself your favourite bottle, so you would intend to use it often. A stainless steel or hard plastic bottle should do. Mark the bottle with time-oriented goals and make it look cooler to drink. Remember watching celebrities carrying a plastic can of water and drinking it? You will inspire many more people to carry their own water and drink it often.

Water For Thought

Drink water whenever you procrastinate or get stuck. Drinking more water gives us energy as it supplements the body. Thus encouraging to do the work that you might procrastinate.

Drink. Live. Pee. Repeat.

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