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Is Your Tap Water Contains Cancer Causing Chemicals?

Water that is supplied to your home gets collected from different sources like river, groundwater, tap water and other such places. The water after getting collected gets treated properly and then it is supplied to the household. Knowing the significance of drinking water, people filter it before consumption as this can keep you safe from waterborne diseases. Even after knowing the importance of drinking clean water, people consume tap water directly, which eventually raises the risk of cancer because the tap water gets polluted with several cancer-causing chemicals. Read to know the list of cancer-causing agents that are present in Tap water.

Cancer-Causing Agents in Tap Water

If you are suffering from cancer, it is important to first of all study what is the cause cancer so that you can get proper treatment and remove it from your life. What if cancer causing agents are water borne? Surprised! there are many common carcinogens found in our water supplies and some of these are mentioned below:


Chlorine is added to water in almost every public water treatment plant. It has disinfectant properties that are used to kill the germs and bacteria. No doubt chlorine has disinfectant properties, but it is a reactive substance as well that reacts with water, even the water is present in our gut. In fact, it combines with other contaminants to produce chloramines, and other toxic by-products, which can make you unhealthy and prone to waterborne diseases.


Few Urban communities also add fluoride in water for disinfection. However, long-time utilization of fluoride has its own side effects. It can have harmful effects including the risk of cancer, gum diseases, heart diseases, immune disorders, and allergic reactions. Fluoride is so toxic that it can hurt the thyroid gland and can also calcify the pineal organ. Due to the toxic effect, some countries have even banned water fluoridation.


Despite, being very toxic, arsenic is utilized in a large number of industrial process. Arsenic contamination in tap water can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain even can be fatal in severe cases. Human Health Risk Assessment conducted by the scientist from multiple institutes found traces of cancer-causing elements in the river system of Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, and Bengaluru. They indicated that consumption of these impurities over a long time can raise the risk of cancer.


Pesticides have the potential of polluting the water supplies. They are used in farms, lawns, and garden, make their way into the surface water which enters the water supply. The carbonates and organophosphates found in pesticides influences and damage the nervous system and cause cancer. However, few pesticides even contain cancer-causing agents that surpass the recommended level. Such pesticides also contain chloride which can cause endocrine and reproductive damage. Whether these contaminants represent a wellbeing hazard relies on upon how toxic the pesticides are? What amount is in the water? And how much introduction happens every day? However, the concentration of cancer-causing chemicals in tap water varies significantly by area and may not be completely removed under normal condition. In fact, the issue is not just about drinking, you use water to wash vegetables, cups, and plates, cook food in it.

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Solution to Remove The Harmful Elements

The best solution for removing cancer causing elements from drinking water is to install an RO water purifier. These water purifiers can eliminate all the contaminant present in the water and make it fit for consumption.  There are different brands available in the market like KENT, Aquaguard, Pureit, and many others. All these brands have specific models added with advanced purification technology that can remove the harmful impurities and make it germ-free. Out of all other brands, KENT RO water purifiers are highly effective for making the water pure and safe because of its advanced filtration technology i.e. RO+UV+UF+TDS controller. The brand has also come up with NextGen water purifier for efficient water filtration process.

Bring home RO water purifier to remove all the cancer-causing elements from drinking water!

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