Why Women Should Drink Pure Water During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the beautiful stage for women. During pregnancy, you have to take extra care about what you consume inside your body. Whatever you consume during pregnancy is also consumed by your baby. You make several changes in your diet and habits to give growing baby a healthy and safe environment. But have you ever thought of the water?

Water plays a vital role during pregnancy by easing many symptoms of pregnancy and helps in preparing the body for the physiological changes during pregnancy. It is essential for pregnant women to keep hydrated as dehydration can be serious and can lead to many complications. Dehydration in pregnant lady can cause contraction and premature labor which results in many health risks for the baby. Not only the amount of water is important but also the purity of water is equally important.

Benefits Of Drinking Pure Water During Pregnancy

benefits of drinking pure water during pregnancy

Keeps you hydrated

Water is the best remedy to prevent many side effects of pregnancy. Pregnant women should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. The advantages of drinking water include healthier skin, less acne, prevents heartburn, acidity, and constipation. Drinking pure water makes easy for the body to get all the nutrients and vitamins and also keeps the oxygen content high in our body.

Water acts as the Body’s Transportation System

Water carries the nutrients to the baby through the blood. Amniotic fluid alone needs to replenish itself consistently every hour by utilizing some water stored inside in the body. Replacement of that water is very important, this can be done by drinking more water to ensure that the foetus is protected within the womb.

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Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

During Pregnancy urinary tract infection is very common. Consuming pure water helps in maintaining the pH level in the urine and stimulate excretion of toxic mineral salts. This will improve the ability of kidneys to remove the toxic waste from the body and reduce the chances of the painful urinary tract infection.

During the eighth month of pregnancy, the volume of the blood increases almost double. The thicker blood can cause hypertension and other cardiovascular problem. It is necessary to drink more water in order to compensate.

Having a baby is a wonderful and blessed feeling but it also comes with many responsibilities. During this time your body experiences many changes and water makes your body ready for those changes. Drinking pure water during pregnancy is very critical as it impacts your wellbeing and the health of your unborn baby. It is strongly recommended for pregnant women to drink only purified water and acquire ideal wellbeing for your beloved unborn. For doing so, it is the time to look for a water purifier in your area or online to avoid any health risk and make mommy and baby healthier.

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