Harmful Impurities Found In Drinking Water

Water is our life line. One cannot imagine what would happen to mankind without water. If there is no water there would be no life on earth. The only living being that does not understand the importance of water is human, especially the industrialized countries.

An average person can spend weeks without eating food but he or she cannot spend 2-3 days without drinking water. It not only quenches your thirst but also plays a vital role in metabolism of the body by helping in digestion and excretion.
Pure water is colorless, odorless and tasteless, it is chemically made of two components that is hydrogen and oxygen. Because water is a universal solvent, it dissolves almost everything which comes in contact with it. Pure and safe water is hard to get nowadays as there is a rapid increase in water pollution.
Since water is equated with life, attention must be paid to the impurities that can be present in the water. Without the access of safe and pure drinking water mankind will head towards many serious health issues and life threatening diseases.

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Common Impurities Found In Drinking Water

The most common impurities found in water are listed below. Some of the impurities are caused by humans as the result of their day to day activities, some are from factories and industries and some are caused by cattle, livestock, and other organisms.



Microorganisms are the most deadly impurities present in water that makes water extremely unfit for drinking and other purposes. Living organisms like bacteria, protozoa and other viruses are very harmful for living beings as they can lead to many fatal diseases and disorders. These microorganisms cannot be removed easily from water. They can survive even if we boil water at high temperature.

Suspended particles


A portion of the suspended particles like sand and mud have a tendency to contaminate the water and make water to be turbid. The vast majority of these particles settle down over the time but some may stay suspended and must be evacuated after they have been filtered.

Heavy metals


The most common heavy metals that can be present in the water are lead, iron, cadmium and arsenic etc.  These heavy metal poisoning in drinking water cause big proportion of deaths every year. These metals are not only harmful by itself but also can pair up with other harmful diseases if not treated properly. If this water is consumed regularly then it is very harmful to human being even at low concentration of these heavy metals. Heavy metals once consumed is not excreted or removed from the body but keeps on accumulating in the body. They can bring extreme harm to the body which includes cancer, nerve damage, and stunted growth.

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Human Waste


We as humans are very much aware about the harm that we cause to the nature and all the natural resources which are available to us. By our own careless behaviour we are continuously polluting the water. Human waste that have tendency to pollute the water includes waste for defecation, unused food and other suspended materials. Most of the impurities present in the water are the result of the human activities

Chemicals Impurities

The increasing rate of industrial development has led to augmentation in chemical waste. The harmful chemical waste like nitrate, mercury, fluorides etc. coming out from the industries are often dumped in nearby surface water like river and lakes. The presence of these chemicals in water are extremely unfit for human consumption. They have a terrible impact on human health and can lead to many hazardous ailments and disorders like cancer. The removal of these chemicals form water is very complex.

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