What is the Importance of Minerals in Drinking Water?

Everyone knows that consuming clean and pure water is important as it can keep you healthy and can let you stay away from waterborne diseases. But, it is not just drinking clean water, the water should also contain essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium in it. Minerals present in water can contribute to make your teeth and bones stronger, keep your skin and hair healthy. These are also important for the growth and development of your body.

Does Tap & Underground Water Contain Minerals?

The water that is supplied to your home or the underground water though contain important minerals like calcium, potassium, and sodium, but, you cannot have it directly. No doubt the presence of minerals are good for health, but, the presence of contamination can make the water unfit. Thus, to make the water fir for consumption, you need to remove the traces of all the harmful chemicals, biodegradable waste, and even the micro-organisms. Removal of harmful impurities is possible only when you use a Reverse Osmosis water purifier.

Is it True that RO Water Purifier Removes Essential Minerals?

To make the water 100% fit for consumption, using an RO water purifier is the best option. No doubt it is the best filtration method that removes the dissolved impurities but, it also removes all the essential minerals from the water. So, yes, it is true that RO purifier removes essential minerals from water and this is because the minerals have molecules that are larger compared to water molecules. When the water is passed through the RO membrane on a full force, the minerals also get filtered out.

How to Retain Essential Minerals in Water?

However, if this is what RO purifier does, so how can we maintain the mineral constituency in the purified water? There are many water purifiers that are equipped with TDS controller and KENT is one of the prominent names in this genre. The purifier comes with TDS controller that fortifies essential minerals in drinking water and makes it fit for consumption. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and micro-nutrients like copper and zinc would ensure that you get healthy and pure water.

The Bottom Line

So, investing in a water purifier that comes with TDS controller can not only purify the water but also preserve the essential minerals in drinking water, thereby ensuring good health of your family. Bring home the best water purifier in India so that you can drink pure and healthy water.

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