Short Guide to RO Waste Water Utilization

Water represents the very essence of life and to be more precise you can say that water is a must for all living being, be it for plants, animals or human beings. So, it becomes essential that people should understand the importance of water and they should utilize the same without wasting it. It totally depends on the civic sense of people and their education that would describe how they make use of the water. But, conservation and the proper usage of the water is a must, so that it acts well for all the consumers.

Water is used for drinking and that too pure water because this would let you stay away from the waterborne diseases. Gone were the days, when people used traditional means of water purification, but today people use RO water purifiers. This is always the better option because it allows you to drink fresh and 100% pure water every time you want to.

RO Water Wastage Solution

Though RO water purifiers are regarded as the best option to filter the impurities and other contaminants, but during the process, a lot of water gets rejected and wasted. Almost 80% of water gets wasted and only 20% of it is kept as purified water that you drink. Thus, it becomes again another way where the water gets wasted, which is almost common in every RO water purifier.

There are different brands of RO water purifier in this concern that offers high-end water purifiers, but KENT has introduced a revolutionary model that is KENT Supreme. KENT Supreme is the world’s first no water wastage or zero water wastage purifier that is added with double purification technology like RO+UV+UF with TDS controller. This water purifier has very high recovery rate where more than 50% of input water is recovered as pure water. To ensure that water is not wasted during the purification, the model is designed with two 9 liters of storage tank. One where the purified water gets stored and other where the rejected water gets stored. So, this is where you can think about  RO waste water uses, ensuring that you stand by utilizing of water and not wasting it.

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RO Waste Water Uses:

RO waste water can be used for washing cars

Apart from drinking pure water, you can even use RO waste water for different purposes, which is an added advantage. There are many ways that you can use the RO rejected water and some of these are washing utensils, watering plants, mopping, cleaning, etc. This will allow you to utilize the water and save it from getting wasted.

There are many other uses of RO waste water that you can implement according to your need. You can use it to wash your vehicles, bathroom, flush the toilet and etc. which is another way to save the water from getting unused. Some people use RO rejected water for Plants or small irrigation purposes as well. Your input and contribution towards using the waste water from RO water purifier system would be an effort to make the environment safe as you are saving a lot of water from getting wasted. Many people are unaware of the usage of the waste water of RO water purifier and they let the water freely run down to drain thinking it is not for use. But, you can use it in different aspects, which you have studied above.

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You already know about the fact that there is the shortage of water and the amount of water that is available in the earth is also getting reduced due to different environment conditions. So, your approach towards the utilization of the water would be a significant step towards setting an example for the upcoming generation. So, why to waste unnecessarily, when you have the alternative for all these. Yes, RO waste water usage is possible and all the mentioned activities can be done with it. Make use of the 80% rejected water from Reverse Osmosis Water purifier in different household purposes and save every drop of it and utilize the water resources efficiently.

Save water, and save the precious resources!

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