Which Water Purifier is Best for Municipal Water Supply?

Earth is covered with 71% of water and out of which only 1% of water is fit for human consumption. Knowing the fact that water is the basic need of every living being, it is very important for all of us to ensure that we implement the usage of water properly and try reducing the wastage of it. Most of us who live in towns and cities are dependent on the municipal water supply to meet our daily necessity. No matter how good the water purification techniques may be but, still it may contain harmful impurities, which can be detrimental to your health. Undoubtedly, during the purification process in public water treatment plant, impurities are removed but, the old pipes and taps play a role in adding contamination in the drinking water.

Source of Municipal Water

In many towns and cities, municipal comes from large wells, lakes, and reservoirs and it may vary from place to place. Almost every water treatment plants use chlorine to kill the microorganism in the drinking water and the presence of chlorine in drinking water is very harmful to health. When chlorine reacts with other impurities in water, it produces THMs (trihalomethanes), also known as carcinogens, which can cause cancer. When chlorine breaks down the pipes, it causes lead and other metallic particles to leach into water thereby making it polluted.

Which water purifier is best for municipal water?

No doubt municipal water is supplied to homes only after it gets treated but, as it has to run through different pipes it is sure to get polluted. To ensure that you drink pure and clean water and remain safe from waterborne diseases, you can install a water purifier. There are different water purifiers in the market with different technologies and these are mentioned below.

Gravity-Based Water purifier

If the municipal water does not contain any heavy metals or dissolved salts or if it has low TDS, you can buy the gravity water purifier. These type of water purifiers usually contain carbon filters and sediment filters that help in removing physical impurities and chlorine from the drinking water. The best advantage of gravity water purifier is that it does not require electricity for the filtration process.  Gravity-based water purifier can remove harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and cysts, apart from other impurities like dust, sand, chlorine, etc. Gravity water purifier is cost-effective in nature and can easily be purchased at the price range from 2-4 thousand.

The best gravity water purifiers are mentioned below

kent gold gravity water purifier
Kent Gold Gravity based Water Purifier

Kent Gold 20 Litre UF based Gravity Water Purifier

Kent Gold is the best gravity-based water purifier that comes with the high storage capacity of 20 liters. It uses the UF purification process for the filtration of the water where it removes all the solid impurities from water and makes it safe for consumption. Along with the UF membrane, it also comes with sediment filter and carbon filter, which is considered as the best combination of purification process in this category. This water purifier looks stylish with its transparent blue design and tabletop high base stand. This water purifier can even remove the cyst and other harmful microorganisms from the drinking water. The price of Kent Gold is Rs. 2,900/- and can be purchased from the leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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Tata swach cristella Plus

Tata Swach Cristella Plus 18 Litre Gravity Water Purifier

Another gravity water purifier in the list if Tata Swach Cristella Plus. The purifier comes with the storage capacity of 18 liters and that is sufficient for a family with 4 to 5 members. To filter the water and make it portable, it uses the silver nanotechnology. The filter life of Tata Swach Cristella is 3000 liters. The body material of this water purifier is scratch resistant and it also comes with two-way dispenser tap. Gravity-based water purifier is easy to use and assemble and can be cleaned and maintained without any help of the technician. The price of Tata Swach Cristella is Rs. 1,899/– it is also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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UV Water Purifier

If the municipal corporation water supply contains microorganisms and the TDS level of the water is low then having UV water purifier is the best option. UV water purification is highly capable of disinfecting and killing harmful microorganism that can cause water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. UV purification includes a high powered UV lamp with its high intensity all the harmful microorganism get deactivated. Pre-filtration is required before UV purification as the UV rays cannot work efficiently in turbid water. Therefore, select the one that also comes with pre-filter before the UV process.

The best UV water purifiers are mentioned below:


Kent Maxx UV water purifier

KENT Maxx is a UV water purifier with 7-liter storage capacity and comes with a unique detachable tank that ensures easy cleaning of the purifier. Its transparent design looks amazing and that best suits for a modular kitchen as it can be installed either on the wall or can be kept as a table top. It uses the UV purification technology along with UF technology that delivers pure and bacteria free water. This water purifier also comes with auto on and auto off functions for hassle-free operations. Its high powered 11 watt UV lamp ensures complete removal of each and every microorganism present in the water thus provides 100% safe drinking water. The price of Kent Maxx is 9,500 and comes with 1-year warranty.

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Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV water Purifier

Aquaguard Crystal plus is another UV water purifier that comes with intelligent purity sensor, which automatically stops the purification when required. It uses 8 Watt UV lamp to kill the harmful microbes from the drinking water, which is lower than Kent Maxx. It also comes with an auto shut-off function that automatically switches off the UV lamp if purifier is not used for over 10 minutes. The only issue with this water purifier is it does not comes with a storage capacity. The price of Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV water purifier is 8,999/- and also comes with 1-year warranty.

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RO Water Purifier

When it comes to complete removal of all impurities from water and providing 100% pure drinking water, reverse osmosis is the most suitable and advanced water purification process. In this process, a semi-permeable membrane is used in which water is allowed to pass through it. Because of the very small pore size of the semi-permeable membrane, only pure water can pass through it leaving behind all the rest impurities. It is the only process that can remove heavy metals and dissolved salts from the drinking water. The presence of heavy metals in water can cause drastic effects on the human body. The water purification process is required in the water supply contains high TDS level (hard water). The RO water purifier is a bit expensive compared to gravity and UV water purifier. But, when it comes to protecting your family from the serious ailments, the cost doesn’t matter.

The best RO water purifier in India are mentioned below


KENT Super Star Water Purifier

Kent super star

KENT Super Star water purifier is a compact RO water purifier that comes with a transparent design that shows off KENT’s patented Mineral RO TM Technology and an inbuilt TDS controller. The purifier is best suited for Indian homes and offices and suitable for purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply. The TDS controller helps in retaining all the essential natural minerals in purified water using, thereby providing 100% safe and tasty drinking water. Owing to the double purification process, it can remove even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts, making the water 100% pure. KENT Super Star comes with 7 liters storage capacity and purification capacity of 15 L/hr that can help in providing purified water at a faster rate, making it easily available for you.

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Pureit Ultima mineral RO+UV water Purifier
Pureit Ultima mineral RO+UV Water Purifier

Pureit Ultima Mineral RO-UV Water Purifier

Pureit Ultima Mineral RO water purifier comes with multi-stage purification process to deliver pure water. It comes with an auto-flushing system that automatically cleanses the RO membrane. With its Digital advanced alert system, it will be notified 15 days before the expiration of the germ kill kit. The body and design of this water purifier look good and will suit your kitchen style. Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV water purifier has a turbo flow that can fill 1-liter water bottle within 30 seconds. And also has kind Hands-Free Bottle, Fill Zone. The Cost of Pureit Ultima Mineral RO water purifier is Rs. 22,990/- it is also available in leading online stores.

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You cannot drink municipal water directly coming out of the tap as it contains many impurities that can be very dangerous for your health. Therefore, it is highly important that you need to have a suitable water purification system in your home. To buy the right water purification system for your family make sure you get your municipal water tested. So that you can bring the required water purifier to your home to stay healthy and protected.

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