KENT Sterling Plus Vs. Pureit Marvella RO UTS: Choosing the Perfect Appliance for Modern Kitchen

Presence of contaminants, chemical impurities, high TDS level are some of the reasons why buying a water purifier is a necessity for every home. However, one of the biggest problems that most of the homeowners face is lack of enough space in their kitchens. Most of the houses today have a modular kitchen which makes it difficult to install a wall-mounted or counter-top water purifier. For such households, under the counter water purifiers are of great help. Almost every water purifier brand in India provides under the counter water purifier. However, selecting the best option among the available choices can be tough. To help you out, we provide a detailed comparison of under the counter purifiers from two renowned brands- Pureit and KENT. In this blog, we compare Pureit Marvella vs KENT Sterling+ to help you make the right choice.

Factors to Consider

Before buying an under the counter water purifier, there are some important factors to consider. Here are some of the points you need to check to avoid any problems in future.

Continuous Water Supply

Under the counter water purifiers need a continuous water supply to function smoothly. Before purchasing under the counter water purifier, make sure that the sink gets continuous water supply to avoid any problems.

Check for Leakage

The place where you plan to install the water purifier needs to be dirt and leakage-free. Before installing the water purifier, check and repair any leakages to ensure proper functioning of the water purifier.

Check the Installation Space

There needs to enough space to drill a hole in the kitchen top to fix the water purifier. Make sure that you drill a hole in the kitchen top to make it easy to fix the tap of the water purifier.

KENT Sterling Plus Water Purifier

KENT Sterling

An advanced water purifier, KENT Sterling Plus comes with double purification technology of RO+UV+UF and TDS controller to remove dissolved impurities from water. The unique TDS controller of the water purifier helps users to retain the essential natural minerals in the water. All the users need to do is turn the valve clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the TDS level in the water. The double purification technology of the water purifier effectively removes impurities such as rust, arsenic, salts, bacteria, and viruses.

The advanced purification process ensures that the water you drink is completely safe for consumption. For the convenience of the customers, the water purifier also comes with a six liters inbuilt-hydrostatic tank and a production purification capacity of up to 20L/hr. The automatic operation of the water purifier makes it easy to use the product without any hassles.

Specifications of KENT Sterling Plus Water Purifier

  • Single cabinet under the counter water purifier
  • Suitable for purifying brackish/tap water/ municipal water supply
  • Double purification by RO+UV+UF with TDS control valve
  • 6 liters hydrostatic storage tank
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Best for under the counter as well as side by side placement with refrigerator
  • Tamper-proof RO water purifier

Pureit Marvella RO UTS Water Purifier

Pureit marvella ro uts

Pureit Marvella RO UTS water purifier comes is sleek, stylish, and space saving which makes it an ideal appliance for modern kitchens. The advanced 7 stage purification process helps in purifying the water that you drink to make it completely safe for consumption. The water purifier also comes with 5 liters of storage capacity and purification capacity of 25L/hr.

The water purifier easily purified water with TDS level of up to 2000ppm. This removes the hardness in water and also improves the taste of water. The appliance also comes with a Germkill kit which helps in the purification process. The water purifier alerts 15 days before the Germkill kit expires and auto shuts-off when the kit expires. Similar to KENT Sterling Plus, the water purifier can be easily attached to the refrigerator.

Specifications of Pureit Marvella RO UTS Water Purifier

  • 7 stage purification process
  • Purification capacity of 15L/hr
  • 5 Liters water storage capacity
  • Double purity lock
  • Stylish Design

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The Verdict

Both the water purifiers have a lot of advanced features, however, if you compare KENT Sterling Plus vs Pureit Marvella, KENT seems to be a better option. The reason Pureit Marvella is not only expensive but also has lesser storage capacity than KENT Sterling Plus. Considering these factors, it is advisable to opt for KENT Sterling Plus water purifier.

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